May, 2016

Memorial Day

Posted on May 30, 2016

I live in a town outside of Columbus Ohio called Westerville. Its just small enough to feel like a little town but big enough to have all the things you get in a city. We are a small college town we know and talk to our neighbors. We have great community events from our 4th Fridays to church spaghetti dinners and Rotary fish fries.

It is here since 2009 every Memorial Day weekend you can find the Field of Heroes . It started as a one time event and has grown over the last 8 years to be an amazing show of support to not only our Military both Past and Present to those giving it their all and to those that gave all.


I have driven by many times over the years but this year knowing that I have 3 friends overseas currently serving I felt it was time to take a look. Too say I was moved was an understatement. I never expected to be so informed and so amazed by what I mistakenly thought was  just a field of flags.


More than a field of flags

Many flags held the story of family heroes Fathers, Mothers ,Grandparents , Uncles & Aunts serving in all Branches of the service their families or friends planting a flag in their honor. Not all died to young many of the heroes lived full lives filled with accomplishments and raised families some passing on the duty to serve to their children and even grandchildren.  Many are still living, a tribute to the great military we have. Some are not service members at all.  Some flags are there for people who made a difference in someones life a hero to one for many reasons… a teacher that cared, a neighbor who was there when needed, someone sho saved a life,  all gave something of themselves to another human being. Than there are those for men and women who have died in battle a battle waged in many wars in order to keep us free. Brave men and women who fought for us all no matter our race, religion or sexual orientation but fought for us because we too were Americans


over 3000 flags

It was a beautiful night the downpour of rain felt like tears for the heavens. Thunder and lightning were the battles waged. When it all stopped their was a peaceful quiet interrupted by the sound a 3000 flags blowing in the breeze.

Each year the Field pays tribute to a special group of heroes. This year was no exception.


During the American revolution women disguised themselves as men and fought for freedom. WWI 33,000 women serve as nurses and support staff.  Eight US Service women die fighting in Vietnam. Women for the first time deploy with men in the first Gulf War and today they fight for our freedoms along side men in all Branches of the Armed Services. This from a time line on display in a special tent honoring women in the military.


Womens Uniform

As part of the tribute to Women in the Military school kids in Westerville made 4600 poppies. As stated in the program there is significance to the poppy as it is a worldwide symbol of remembrance dating back to the first world war and a Canadian Poet. Lt. Col John McCrae, the Poem  In Flanders Fields.


Field of Poppies

I am so very lucky I am blessed with the good fortune of living in Westerville Ohio in the United States of America. I know what people have sacrificed to allow me this good fortune and today on Memorial Day I remember those heroes and if I ever start taking it for granted each year on Memorial Day I can go to the Field of Heroes and be reminded it is about more than just me.


Thank You

Little Surprises

Posted on May 27, 2016

I have been very busy making plans for Tripping Vittles. I have taken some classes on line, I have enlisted the help of friends who know more than I about this big internet world.  Part of the plan is to set a schedule and stick to it.

That said I had a plan for today but I want to share something special all the way from Russia instead.

I have a friend who travels to Russia on a regular basis for business and jokingly I asked her to bring me back some Beluga Caviar.  Beluga Caviar is the rarest and most expensive here in the US, I found 2oz on line for $249. It is from The Caspian Sea and Russia and Iran are the main suppliers. Now in my wild Russian dreams I see this delicacy  on every table set with food and drink waiting for me to indulge on. In reality it is expensive in Russia  and not easily transported via commercial airlines. I am forever grateful to Kelley for checking and trying to indulge my Russian Caviar fantasy. I will continue to enjoy the Sturgeon and Salmon Roe I was taught to love by my parents.

The Little Surprises I did receive from Russia are Chocolate candies filled with Vodka. As most of you know the Russians take their Vodka seriously. These candies were no exception. I am sure you all are familiar with the little chocolate bottles you get here filled with Baileys or Kaluha they vaguely taste like what the booze they say they are. You would die of chocolate poisoning way before you got even a little baby Buzz!

That is far from the case with these Russian Vodka filled wonders. There is nearly a tablespoon full of Vodka goodness in each candy.  Now near as I can figure you have plain Vodka, Lemon Lime Vodka and Cranberry Vodka. It states the flavors on the box in english but the real explanation is in Russian. Honestly though I do not need to know Russian to know these are awesome!! All the chocolates are the same dark and rich with a hint of bitter. The really cool thing is that inside the chocolate is a sugar shell that keeps the vodka sealed in and sweet when you eat it.


I cannot thank Kelley enough for thinking of me when she was in Russia This was one of the best little surprises I have ever gotten from Russia!!!


Simple Syrup Recipe

Posted on May 25, 2016

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that are real work horses in the kitchen or the bar. Take for instant the simple syrup recipe.

Sugar + Water = Simple Syrup.

Now I have come to realize that many people know what simple syrup is but they have no idea how to make it and when you tell them they are astonished it really is that simple.

There was a time I would have looked down my nose at someone who did not know how to make Simple Syrup. It was an arrogance that I think you must grow out of as you grow older.  Now when someone asks the question how do I make that?? I am thrilled to share with them, it means they are about to take a step into the kitchen the most wondrous of places in the home. Far better than the bathroom no toilets to clean, a whole staircase above the laundry room no cloths to wash.

The simple syrup recipe

Let us venture into the kitchen and make us some simple syrup. Uses include Cocktails of all kinds, Fusions of flavors such as vanilla bean or mint to use in coffee or tea, sweet soak for a cake, lemon or limeade. Today we are dealing with just plain simple syrup but one day we will talk about flavoring and using in some recipes.


All You Need

The recipe is very simple equal portions of sugar and water.  I like to fill an old Jack Daniels bottle and keep it in the refrigerator.  To fill the bottle you will need  2 cups water and 2 cups sugar.


Stir over Heat

Combine water and sugar in a pot heat over burner stirring so the sugar dissolves. Bring to a slow rolling boil and remove from heat and let cool


cool and pour into bottle.

Once cool transfer to the bottle and refrigerate.

You have now made simple syrup!!

[tasty-recipe id=”1564″]

Mom & Me

Posted on May 23, 2016

It has been a whirl wind 3-4 months. My mom has completed her recovery and I have taken her home so she can start planting her garden.


Mom Harvesting Rhubarb

I look forward to the harvest come fall ,last year I was gifted with Spaghetti and Butternut Squash, Garlic, Tomatoes, Peppers of various shapes and sizes each year is a new surprise. I am especially grateful for any veggie bounty I get because my mother and sister were gifted with green thumbs and I was not.

It was a great chance to spend time with my mom. It has been 30 years since we lived under the same roof other than an occasional vacation trip or visit for a weekend. The best thing to come out of this other than her getting better from her surgery is that we are going to do this each year. What that means for Tripping Vittles is a fun companion to check out restaurants and markets with. The woman who taught me so much about food will continue to share her knowledge and stories with me and then I will get to share them with you. I had thought this last visit would produce many of those things but recovery took a front seat and we did more of that than playing or cooking.

Though we did find time for a few little experiments in the kitchen and I will share those with you in some future posts. You will be seeing some changes with Tripping Vittles in the coming months I have a vision that is more than me just writing an occasional blog entry. I am not a review site though sometimes it may come across in my writing my deep love or loathing of something. I want this to be a place I share the beauty of food with you a place where together we discover new things. I have spent 30 plus years in the food business in one form or another and one of the things I love about it is you never stop learning. I want to Travel and share what I see and do with you. I want to be able to offer you the ability to use the products I use and hear the music I hear.

I shared all of these visions with my mom while we had coffee each morning bouncing ideas off of her. I got unwavering support from her and her patented “go for it”. So today Monday , May 23rd I am going for it. Please stick with me thru the changes and anytime you can share with friends or on Facebook please do so. Follow me over at Instagram Tripping Vittles  I am on Pinterest so pin your favorite recipes and follow me for additional content Pinterest Tripping Vittles  and last but not least don’t forget to follow my twitter feed where I will be live tweeting about things I am doing and places I will be.Twitter Tripping Vittles

Today is about sharing and about saying Thank you to my awesome Mom!! She is the best support I have. This is going to just keep getting better!! Thank you all my friends, family and followers you have been along for the trip and I cannot wait to continue Tripping with you.