January, 2020

Leia’s Adventures #3 Chinese Food(Dim Sum)

Posted on January 12, 2020

Welcome to Leia’s Adventures #3 Chinese Food(Dim Sum) Edition.

I have to say when I go to an ethnic restaurant where the nation of origin speaks a different language I always check to see how many people are there from the nation the food is from and how many are speaking the native tongue. Today’s adventure is no different we are going to China by way of Fortune Chinese Restaurant

When you are one of the few caucasian faces and English is not being spoken you can always be guaranteed you are in for a treat today was no different.

I am a fan of dim sum. I suppose it is a lot like last week’s adventure to Brazil It is a way to try different flavors without committing to a whole meal. This is Leia’s Adventures #3 Chinese Food(dim sum). The following link will take you to a kid’s book on Dim Sum. The whole idea of bringing Leia into Tripping Vittles is that kids and adults alike love dogs and maybe Leia can help introduce kids to a whole world full of food they have never experienced. As everything with Tripping Vittles, this is a work in progress.

The Food

The Shrimp Dumpling and the Fermented Eggplant were delicious.

Fermented Eggplant

I went with the Radish Rice cake instead of Taro Rice cake I was not disappointed. The Chive Bun was out of this world as was the golden lava bun. Deep-Fried Dumplings looked like chicken wings but were shrimp was a special surprise. Sticky Rice was a killer it had chicken in it and it tickled the taste buds. For dessert the Durian Cake and the Egg Tart were tops.


I have enough leftovers to feed me for a week. I need to find a way to have my followers join me on these little jaunts so I do not have to eat all this food for days.

The Hike

For the hiking part of the adventure, we headed to Indian Run Falls in Dublin Ohio. It is a pretty little park and walk. I would for sure go after a rain because the falls are really pretty. Today Leia is wearing her Gooby Harness

Top of the Falls

As always if you buy from amazon using my links I make a little cash.

Leia’s Adventures #2 Brazillian Food

Posted on January 5, 2020

Today Leia took me to Blendon Woods Metro Park for a hike and Leia’s Adventures #2 Brazilian Food commenced and was a huge success.

Leia’s Adventures #2 Brazilian Food

It was fun about a mile and a half hike around the dog path. It bums me out many of the parks have short dog paths. I guess it is why I like heading off into the woods more but sometimes that is not possible.

Blendon Woods is close to home and it makes for a quick trip to hike. Its a park there is nothing more to tell let’s get on to the real meat and Plantains.


Estilo Brazil is serving up some awesome Brazilian food inside this little market in Columbus square shopping center.

The woman working the register and showing you how it works, It is a buffet with options. She is the owners’ sister and was super nice and willing to talk with me about all the food. She was so very busy that I did not want to take up to much of her time. but two high lights were the grilled pineapple with beef and lamb and the Corn Pudding.

Meat and Pineapple
Grilled Meats and Pineapple

When we have this wonderful place that is so authentic and delicious don’t go waste your money at one of those Brazilian steak houses. for $15.99 you can try all the amazing food right here. They also have authentic sodas from Brazil and fresh-squeezed juice.

Leia’s Adventures #2 Brazilian Food took me to a really awesome restaurant. As good as any High-End Brazillian Steak House I have ever been to and it had a much more authentic human touch.

Leia's Adventures #2 Brazilian Food
Corn Pudding

As with any time I add a link to amazon if you buy something I may get a little money. It is how I fund these adventures so I thank You. Try the soda it was really good. If you want to know more about the meat they serve and even how to cook it at home this is a great cookbook/resource on Churrasco.

If you do decide to try the at-home version of Churrasco don’t forget this cocktail the Caipirinha I shared the recipe in a post several years ago and I also answered a question this weekend about those big fancy steak houses. Give it a read and be sure to make a drink! #leaisadventures #trippingwithleia