October, 2020

The Great River Road along the Mississippi River

Posted on October 14, 2020

I wish I could tell you it was the best road trip of my life.. It was not. The Great River Road left me with more questions than answers. It left me frustrated.

Was there beauty? Hell yes! the Mississippi is an absolute wonder. It is gorgeous and powerful and she has earned her name mighty. I grew up in Minnesota and know her origins of just a creek you can step across. I have spent a great amount of time driving The Great River Road between Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They were just roads to me no markers or calling them anything special.

I am not sure what I was expecting but what I got was an awakening to how things are so different and we don’t want to look at that that makes us uncomfortable. Because the south makes many a northerner uncomfortable.

I also found out that whoever marks the great river road is absolutely awful about it and about directions. Now keep in mind my trip ran from Memphis to New Orleans with some detours and changes. I stayed on the East side of the river all the way to Natchez, Mississippi.

Mississippi River Bridge at Natchez

Crossed over and drove the Louisiana side all the way into New Orleans or until I was off the trail again.

I had planned to camp this whole trip. That became difficult for a few reasons. I underestimated the time it could take to get from one place to another. Setting up camp in the dark is difficult but it is even harder in a place you do not know. Two it took longer because there is no real clear marking so I found myself lost several times. Now lost is a relative term because as long as you are going south you are heading in the right direction and if you go east you will hit a river. but know where I am and finding camping areas are two different things. Even turning to my trusty app The Dyrt I just was not comfortable.

I also had to adjust because of covid. The biggest thing I do not think we are really talking about is how seriously many people are taking this. We hear about anti-maskers in the big cities protesting and screaming for their rights acting like they have an army of people to back them up.

I am in the Red south Y’all and I see as many if not more people masked up here than back home. I am sure everyone will give a reason but I am just going to say poor people no matter their race, religion, or anything else knows that this is affecting them in larger numbers and when poor you do not have as good of health care. It is a privilege to be able to tell people they should not wear a mask. It is insulting to say not wearing a mask is some form of freedom. When what it really is, is privilege run wild.

I will attempt in the next few blog posts to share the good and the bad of a Trip that has been rally amazing. I will tell you to travel even in Covid Times. we will talk about some of what I saw and the people I talked to.

My Schitts Creek Experience

Posted on October 12, 2020

….This is my Schitts Creek Experience I am driving down the road after a major goof up… Did you know Nashville and Memphis are two different cities? In the same state? one is on the Mississippi and one is not.

Nashville, Memphis they sound a lot alike

Yes I did know they were two different cites I just could not remember which one was on the river and I swore it was Nashville heheheh it is not. So I am barlelyning down the road thinking I am saving myself some time jumping ahead a little from the original plan when BAM! It hits me I am not going towards the river but away from it.

At this stage all you can do is laugh so Laugh I do. and then it hits me! The TV show Schitts Creek was so popular there must be little amazing motels sprouting up all over. I will find me a Rosebud Motel and spend the night!. My Schitts Creek Experience is about to start. I am feeling really kind of brilliant with this idea!

Rosebud Motel ahead

I drove off the highway and the first stop there was a little Motel, freshly painted doors. Bright white and clean. You rang a bell… this is going great. an adorable little woman comes out. She is no Stevie but she will due. I get my key.. I am so excited to enter my version of the Rosebud Motel I was clearly looking at this place through rose colored, NO blacked out glasses.

This May not be a Schitts creek experience after all

WTF! This is My Schitts Creek Experience

Key in lock.. door open… a single king size bed in the middle of the room. a tv on the wall, the floor!! clearly they have learned after a murder or two or maybe the wild sex parties that clearly take place in a room like this. that it is best to have a vinyl flooring so the mop up is easier.

Then the smell happens like it comes at you I mean it attacks you I imagine its what an unclean sex den smells like the day after frat boy graduation.

But wait! there is more.. No you say! Yes there is a scream. Like I think its one of those murders I imagine they have that call for the flooring and then a woman voice. “I am not doing that with your dick or anyone else. Fuck you!”

Needless to say I am at a Lovely Marriott a bit further down the road.

If you are wondering what this Schitts Creek is and where You can See it I highly suggest buying the Schitts Creek Series DVD . You will not be disappointed.

My Schitts Creek experience was less than or maybe more than I would have ever imagined. I am currently accepting offers to drive the country looking for the perfect Schitts Creek Experience. You may send all inquires to!

Saving the Planet : Composting

Posted on October 4, 2020

As Tripping Vittles developers a part of who we are and what we believe has a lot to do with not only human interactions but also those interactions we have with the earth. This is the first in a loose series Saving the Planet: Composting.

As I go through life and something strikes me that other people may be interested in or should know about when it comes to our planet I will share with you my followers.

Sunday Morning Composting

Every Sunday morning I either walk or ride my bike or sometimes drive my bucket of compost over to our cities composting bins. Today I was thinking all summer I have never run into anyone else over at the compost bins.

In this short video I show how easy it is to compost with the City of Westerville’s program. I encourage you to ask your city to look into a similar program.


Do not know about the program? It exists here in Westerville and probably several other cities and towns throughout the country. check with your city?

Do not know where to get the container? Our city was giving them away at one point for free. I don’t know if they still are but you can also easily order a bucket, lid and the composting bags from Amazon just follow the links.

Saving the Planet: Composting

If your city does not offer a program or you want to do your own composting I do not really know much about it but there are books to read and bins to buy. I say For for it and let me know how it goes. This is our planet and everything we do helps a little.