June, 2021

Market Mondays: Rose & Marie Candles and Soap

Posted on June 7, 2021

The best part of finding locally made products at farmers’ markets is getting to use the products. Simple Trinity Clothing is the creator of this week’s Market Monday’s vendor Rose & Marie Candles and Soap. I knew right away Rose & Marie would be a feature on Market Monday because the smell was heavenly as I approached the booth.

My Kind Of candles and soaps

I found my kind of soaps and candles here. So many of Rose & Marie Candles and Soaps olfactory notes are of different foods and drinks. As you can see from the photo, I bought the Cherry Vanilla Candle and the Almond Biscotti soap. The candle is going right to the kitchen, and the soap is already on my body! My house smells fantastic, and so do I.

Market Mondays Rose & Marie

Simple Trinity clothing is a black woman-owned business. Started in 2016 with the idea of being a custom t-shirt company. Taneisha, the owner, fell in love with putting smiles on people’s faces. The company has grown now to include Rose & Marie. Where she can channel some of her amazing creativity into candles and soaps, she does so by drawing on the Trinity of Love, Faith, and Motivation. Hence her name Simple Trinity. You can tell at first whiff that these candles are made with love and attention. Like how food tastes better with love, clearly producing these candles and soaps is made better by Taneishas Trinity of Love, Faith, and Motivation!

You can find Taneisha at farmers’ markets and events around Columbus land or check her online shop here. I discovered her when I pulled up to my first Market in Whitehall. She and I are neighbors at the new Market on the Green in Whitehall. So come out and grab some spices from Tripping Vittles and visit this week’s Market Monday’s vendor Rose & Marie Candles and Soaps.

Hot Tip: Frozen Lemonade

Posted on June 4, 2021

Hot Tip: Frozen Lemonade made into ice cubes
Hot Tip is the new section of the blog where I see something or hear something, and I have to share it with you.
I may not be the original creator of the idea. If I am not, I will give credit to the best of my ability. I may expand on the original idea. But it will always be something I think is so hot that you have to know asap!

Today’s Hot Tip: Frozen lemonade ice cubes. I got tagged in a group on Facebook about freezing lemonade and serving it with bourbon. Pow!! Mind blown.
A while back, I did frozen Honey Water for cocktails, but I never thought to take it to this level!

Let’s blow this idea up a bit more and see what we get! I am a big fan of a few things: one lemonade, two flavored lemonade, three cocktails.

frozen lemonade cocktail
Port w/Lemonade Sphere
frozen ice cubes
Adult Cherry Limeade
Bourbon Cubes
Bourbon w/Lemonade Cubes

Let’s make this hot tip super easy. Head to the store and get Simply Lemonade or Paul Newmans Lemonade or frozen canisters. These are, in my opinion, the only acceptable alternative to homemade lemonade. Oh, throw in some limeade too. Any mixer that is not carbonated would work, pineapple, cranberry, orange; you get the idea.

Get yourself some ice cube trays, molds and makers. These are some of my favorites.

Freeze the beverages. Then simply drink the drinks. Cocktails are fabulous but so is mixing it up. Make strawberry lemonade cubes and limeade for a summer cool-down. Add Tequilla for a delicious twist on a margarita.

Let me see your hot tips tag me on the socials #trippingvittles

Must-Haves for Summer Entertaining: Condiments and Sauces

Posted on June 2, 2021

The unofficial start to summer happened this past Monday. Many of us broke out the grill for the first time in a long time. We may have had friends and family visit or talked about having a party soon. This summer is going to be no holds barred for fun and hanging out. We have spent a year building up to this unmasked unbridled fun.
This Series of must-haves for summer entertaining will show the easy, tasty, and fun ways to make the transition from Covid solo party palace to a host of friends and family in a raging never-ending good time! Finally, we have a year to make up for.

Let’s start the must-haves summer entertaining series with condiments and sauces. I cannot live without condiments and sauces, how about you? That may be a bit much, and I got a bit carried away; I can probably live if I don’t have condiments and sauces. But I would have a tough time going without sauces and condiments. The sauce makes the world go around. The following will make your summer go around and add a super refreshing change to the game in flavor profiles.

Must Haves Condiments and Sauces

This first one always causes a stir; people have all kinds of feelings! Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. I say have both! But this is where the feelings come in. There is no better Mayo than Dukes, Fight Me!

Click images to purchase.

These are listed in no particular order, but Ya gotta have Sriracha. I have talked about it a lot. I use it a lot. Check out this recipe for Sriracha Shrimp Cocktail. It is really great on top of a summer salad.

On the same lines as Sriracha is Go Chu Jang Sauce. Slightly different but just as delicious I love using this for spicy BBQ. There is also an awesome version that mixes the two sauces Sriracha and Go Chu Jang Together. Nummy!

Let’s talk, Mustard. You got your standard yellow mustard(Plochmans), Ya got your Brown Mustard(Guldens). Don’t forget Grey Poupon. The mustard I use more than any single one is Zatarain’s Creole Mustard.

BBQ Sauce. I like to make my own. But I also love some that come from the jar. You can make a quick meal as is, or you can kick them up a notch with some additional ingredients. Sweet Baby Rays Original is a great BBQ Sauce. But my money is on the Mambo! If ya have not had this stuff get some! It is delicious!

Salsa, it’s hard to pick just one. Green, red, fruity, hot, mild, peppery, sweet, sour. So many to choose from. I tend to make Pico De Gallio if I want tomato-based type salsa. I like the texture and how I can control the heat. But I go through jars of this one. Trader Joes Salsa Verde Makes life so easy. You can make this type of sales but why when you can buy this!

I could pick another 10-15 condiments or sauces that would be must-haves for summer entertaining, but I think this is the perfect six to get us on the way to a great summer filled with delicious food. Let me know your favorites in the comments.