7 Days 7 Meals Day 2~ Cheeseburger

7 Days 7 Meals Day 2~ Cheeseburger

7 Days 7 Meals Day 2 Cheeseburger

The Hamburger was a combination of a whole bunch of immigrants stories coming together.  Those stories eventually formed a beef patty that was eventually sandwiched  between two slices of bread and later having cheese added to it.  Fast forward to 2018 and you can find burgers with Guacamole, peanut butter,mushrooms and any other number of toppings.

In the food service industry for most of us this ridiculous war on immigrants and undocumented workers is at its best silly and its worst downright evil.  Why you ask? Because we know that much of the food we consider American comes on the backs of those that came here searching for a better life or were forced here thru slavery or turmoil in their home countries. Their innovations made possible much of how and what we eat today in America.  The Cheeseburger is a perfect example of an American food coming from non-American origins.

Let’s Break down the Cheeseburger

  • This burger first took shape as a Hamburg Steak in in the 1870’s it was hand chopped and served with onions and bread crumbs. Often smoked and seasoned with salt.  The Restaurant Delmonico in New York was serving it for .11 cents in 1873. The Chef one Charles Ranhofer of France.
  • There are some muddy waters as the above steak transforms into the modern-day Hamburger but what is not in question is that it all stems from the German immigrants who arrived by boat at ports of call along the eastern seaboard. New York city in particular. They  were hungry hard-working people who created the American version of Dishes they had back in their home countries where meat and starch was a staple of their diet.
  • Getting to the real patty is all because of the invention of the meat grinder by the german immigrant Karl Drais.
  • Now that they had a way to mass produce ground beef the need for cowboys increased. Some one had to wrangle all those cattle for the feed and butcher lots. The cowboy arose from the Vaquero traditions of Northern Mexico that were introduced there by the Spaniards and Portuguese. The immigrants from Spain and Portugal took to this job because it was a job they knew.
  • The Hamburger traveled across America via rail much of that made possible by inventions in meat-packing processing and refrigeration by Gustavus Franklin Swift, Sr.  the son of British Immigrants. 
  • There is much controversy about who first took the Hamburg steak and made it the hamburger we know now. Brothers from Ohio, guy in Texas,  a dude from Wisconsin…. All we really know is all of them are descendents of immigrants.
  • Like any other great food there is controversy, the person who raised the Hamburger to a cheeseburger could have been any number of people. What is fact is it happened sometime around 1926-29 in the state of California. In the 1930’s several companies began the rush to trademark.

So you can see the decidedly American Cheeseburger comes from some very non-American roots and that is a fantastic display of what food in American has been and can be. Last night I had my second meal honoring #anthonybouordain a champion for the rights of undocumented and immigrant kitchen workers.

Day 2 Meal 2- Flat Iron Bar & Diner Columbus Ohio

“One of the greatest sins in ‘burgerdom,’ I think, is making a burger that is difficult to eat. Where the bread-to-meat ratio is out of whack. Where it’s either too greasy or not greasy enough. Or the damn thing just doesn’t hold together the way God intended burgers to hold together.” ~ Anthony Bourdain on eating a Cheeseburger

I love Cheeseburgers who doesn’t? I am sure there is someone but if you are that person one seek help! Two don’t send me an angry comment I will just send back the name of someone who can help you.

Last nights burger was delicious the meat and bun ratio was perfect. Had just the right amount of grease and most importantly it did not fall apart in my hand.

I am not a snob about burgers. There have been sublime burgers from all places the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese from #McDonalds if fresh and juicy is a wonderful burger. #FiveGuys  also serves up a great cheeseburger. I love #Northstarcafe and #bspotburgers.

Five Guys

Those are the chains then comes the local joints, let’s be honest if you call them joints somehow the burgers must taste better right?  Near where I live I have the #Gahannagrill. When in Illinois I love #durtygurts. I love looking for burger joints when I travel drop a name of one I should try in the comments.

If you want to try making a great burger start by making friends with a butcher. Blend your meat cuts use Brisket, short rib and chuck. If you don’t have a butcher get the 80/20 ground beef from the super market. You need a little fat to make the burger taste great and hold together.

I am a traditionalist so I like my cheese melty but not greasy. The perfect Burger cheese is Government American Cheese but they don’t make that anymore. The next best thing to the government  cheese that melts perfect is Tillamook Dairies Medium cheddar.  We can argue all day the finer points of cheese and melting(yes velveeta melts good)  but its my blog so its my call.

The meat and cheese are the most important. I like a nice Brioche or Potato Bun but you make the call. I won’t fight you on this.  From here it is a free for all.  For me pickles yes, ketchup and mustard yes with in reason. Onions absolutely red or white? who cares they are both good. No lettuce it sucks and most times turns slimy. Tomato ok but only if ripe and flavorful get out of here with those pale hard slices that taste like air.

Now for the weird stuff and if I have had it and if it was good.

  1. Guacamole~ hells yes it was great
  2. Egg~ you betcha
  3. Peanut Butter~ Shockingly delicious
  4. Bacon ~Duh!
  5. Balsamic Tomato Relish ~should have been good but it failed on many levels
  6. Brie and Apples~ Killer in a good way
  7. Mac and Cheese~ stupid just give me the cheese
  8. Cole Slaw ~ Nummy
  9. Fois Gras~ just too much, I wanted to love it.
  10. Pastrami/corned beef/pulled pork~ not one of them elevated the burger experience but it did elevate the cost of the burger.
  11. Kimchee ~ Yuk!
  12. Pineapple~ Awesome
  13. Blue Cheese and Onion Straws ~ The Blue Moon Burger from Ed Debevics is one I dream about. It is right up there with any sex dream I have ever had. Oh come on! You know you have had a food dream that equals the best sex dream. I said equals not surpass.

Get out there buy some Cheeseburgers try the hole in the wall places, Remember how we got the burger and remember who often times is cooking that burger for you.  Let’s all love each other and if you want to try your hand at making them at home here are a few things I use to do it right.

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