Breaking Bread

I have spent the last 10 days at Church Camp.  As a kid we did not go to camp we went to the mountains. Gods Camp is how my parents saw it and I cannot say I disagree. The Rockie Mountains, The Grand Tetons majestic creations that to my father were proof that a great being created this earth and It was thru nature my sister and I learned about GOD!! My father was one of the most spiritual men I have ever met and he passed that on to me. We did not spend Sundays in church for us Sundays were spent on a ski hill or camping or going for a toolie (drive) to see what we could see. Dew on the morning grass was proof enough that God existed and who was I to argue. The salmon who swims upstream to spawn flying over rocks and falls when caught can feed a family that was all I needed to see creation in its purest form.

I have for the last 8 or 9 years attended Camp Sychar in Mt. Vernon Ohio. There is something magical here too. It’s not Mountains or natural beauty it is the beauty of the institution of Christianity allowed to freely practice in an encampment for 10 days every summer for the last 145 years. No truer form of freedom exists than the freedom of religion.  I find that amazingly uplifting and powerful. A camp full of people being kind and loving towards one another. Enjoying each others company sharing stories of the past and looking towards the future.

I have a hope for Tripping Vittles and that is for it to bridge a gap to be a story-teller. To show that differences are good and we can all respect each other and get along. Be the differences in culture, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation. It is more important now than ever before we have a respect for those that are different while still holding on and sharing our own beliefs. I fully believe this can start thru learning about and enjoying each others food, drink and music.

In our Bible study this week we dissected The Lords Supper. This seemed to be so appropriate for my life now and where and what i want to do with it. I have always held the breaking of bread with people in high regard. To share a meal, to drink a drink with someone is a very revered act to me and In doing so you share some of you especially if you prepare that meal for your guest. It is the basis of what I have planned for Tripping Vittles. Just as the Lords Supper was meant to draw us together so to is what I want Tripping Vittles to accomplish. I want us to see each other in a non judgmental way to find those things in each other that are extraordinary and to share them with the world. We learned this week that the Heart of The Lords Supper was accountability in Grace and Grace in accountability. We are all in this together and we so often forget that.

As I move forward on my journey with life and Tripping Vittles I will share as many meals as i can with all of you and I will raise a glass whenever possible. I will try to remove judgement from all of this and be open to all new experiences. I want to share stories of the past take lessons learned and help us be better in the future. I am sure to some this seems like a  simple version of something important in the bible but to me ,maybe just maybe  if we just take it down to the most simplistic of actions sharing a meal with someone than we can start to see we are all not that different and loving one another becomes easy especially if it is over good BBQ or a wonderful bottle of wine.

Happy Camper

Peace, Love and Tripping Vittles!!