Chicago Dog

The World Series is back in Chicago tonight and I was so stoked about my last post I decided to recreate a Chicago Dog here in Ohio.

That was easier said then actually done. For those of you that don’t know a Chicago Dog is a hot dog with a plethora of super delicious items that when brought together create something absolutely delicious.

When I moved to Chicago I had never even heard of a Chicago Dog.  My first job was at the University of Chicago as a food service director. I supervised people pouring big cans of stuff into big trays heating that stuff and slopping it on plates. I hated it. But it did introduce me to several ethnic groups from Chicago as I had a bunch of awesome employees from all over the world. It was there that I tasted my first Southern Soul Food. I also had some pretty amazing Mexican and Puerto Rican meals and the Indian Food was out of this world. I was quickly becoming a foodie before foodies were invented.  My introduction to new food on almost a daily basis was my only enjoyment at that job.

It was during this time a young kid I worked with was talking about going to see the White Sox play baseball and the conversation went from one thing  to the next and all of a sudden he was explaining what a Chicago Dog was. I was hooked , just by the description I knew I had to consume this food item. For the next 18 years I tried every establishment I could find that had said dog and I tried them all.

There’s somethings I discovered in this search for the perfect Chicago Dog first discovery was ketchup is forbidden.Then came a bunch of other stuff like…. I prefer Vienna Beef dogs better than I like Red Hots, I don’t like sport peppers. I prefer my tomatoes pickled and green from Superdawg rather than red and juicy from other places. The poppy-seed bun is an acquired taste and those little seeds will make your smile ugly when caught in your teeth. It is best washed down with a RC Cola.  It is actually the only time RC Cola tastes good.

I had my first Chicago Dog at Gold Coast Dogs and the day I moved to Ohio I got me some Superdawg for the road. I only had a Double Chocolate Shake with my dog once at The Weiners Circle but I have consumed many a Chicago Dog at this establishment along  and my second favorite dog in the city  The Char Cheddar Dog. Portillos is good but always felt to corporate for my taste.There are places I do not even remember the name of. Like the joint somewhere near Randolph  St. under the El tracks it had a train theme and it was fantastic. My point is  if you are in Chicago pick up a baseball and throw it in any direction and you will hit a Hot Dog stand try it and enjoy.

Maybe you can’t get to Chicago. If that’s the case you can make a Chicago Dog at home with a little improvisation. I am in Ohio went to three stores and I had to settle for a non poppy-seed bun and could not find a sport pepper to save my life and as stated above I don’t like those so I am not bummed out by this. On a sad note I could not find Vienna Beef hot dogs so I settled for Hebrew National All Beef Dogs. The are good but they are not Vienna Beef. You can if you have time to plan for a party order a party pack from Vienna Beef but who on earth could have planned for the Cubs World Series Berth.

Lets Make a Chicago Dog.

Chicago Dog

Chicago Dog

Place 1 All Beef Hot Dog on a Bun add Mustard,Relish, Tomato Wedges, Chopped Onion, Pickle Spear (note in the above photo I forgot the pickle spear and since this was taken 4 days ago I ate all the hot dogs! so no reshoot and Sport Peppers(if you can find themsprinkle with Celery Salt. 

Let’s Go Cubbies!!