Coming Back to Food, Music, Travel and Good Times

I last Published in June. I had no idea that  I would take so long to come back to Tripping Vittles where my passion for Food, Music, Travel and Good Times are on display.

Where has Tripping Vittles Been?

Do I list everything that has gone on? The things I have done and the places I have gone.  I can do that and tell you that each thing I went thru or did has given me inspiration for future posts and ideas for Tripping Vittles. All of the things I did and frankly do in life revolve around Food, Music, Travel and Good Times.

Sure negatives creep in and things sometimes go sideways but life is way to short to not make the best of even the worst situations. One of  my worst case  scenarios  this summer happened  I had gotten to the point with my carpel tunnel that I could not feel my hands any longer.  It was time to have surgery. I had put it off for years using excuses to explain away my fear. I had no Insurance or I was scared to find out it was something worse than Carpel Tunnel, it will get better on its own. No more excuses.

The tingling began to turn to pain and my quality of life was suffering.  Waking up 6-8 times a night, walking and pacing my home trying to shake the needles from my hands. I was exhausted and embarrassed I was gaining weight again.   My hands failed me at work I started to drop and spill things.  I did not want to write this blog because I could type no more than a sentence or two and I would have to stop to free the numbness of my hands.  The decision for surgery was correct and I  knew it was the right choice when the night before surgery I dropped a bottle of beer on a customer and his daughter. I was mortified it really was time for surgery.


Getting Fixed up!

Coming Back to Food, Music, Travel and Good Times

I have a bunch of things to draw from even though life was giving me lemons. I bought some limes and made Sweet & Sour Mix

You will be seeing cocktail recipes from my July 4th weekend.

Pickle Recipes from my recovery with my mom.

Some cool product  to make your life easier while traveling.

A bunch of amazing baby food recipes that I have tested. No I did not have a baby, some of my friends have and its fun to make baby food!

Fun items for your kitchen and/or home bar.  A  little preview… No bar is complete with out bitters get yours here…Angostura Bitters Set

What is in the Future for Tripping Vittles?

I spent a lot of my recovery contemplating that very question. I have some really wonderful ideas and plans to continue to make Tripping Vittles my future.

Traveling more. I had to cancel my trip to Disney World to have surgery though I had planned on being  there the same week as Hurricane Irma so that probably would not have worked out as planned.

My hope is to goto Las Vegas. I believe you should travel to places  to show people you are not afraid..Trust me I know what its like being afraid to go out but if we hide in our homes evil wins.  Many have canceled trips to Las Vegas because of the horrific events there. I say don’t cancel!! Get on a plane and go have some fun.  I do not care what the ideology is of someone so evil at the core they want to take away peoples joy of life. Do not let them.

I also want to travel to Puerto Rico, Napa/Sonoma and Texas all places devastated by the wicked ways of Mother Nature. People that live there have to make a living they have to keep on going. We can send clothes, food and money now as disasters are happening but don’t forget about them in 6 month or a year. That kind of devastation takes years to recover from.

One of my favorite places on the planet is New Orléans. I will forever regret not going there after Hurricane Katrina.  I will try to get to all the above places so I do not have those regrets again.

Tripping Vittles Market Place

When I started this whole thing I had visions of sharing all I discovered in my adventures not only thru my writing but thru a market place.

I envision it being a place to sell Items from people I have gotten to know thru Tripping Vittles.  I want to bridge the gap between Peoples differences with the things we all have in common.  Food, Art, Music. I want to tell stories  and then make available to you my reader some of the amazing things out there. Maybe we can understand each other a little better if we see we are far more alike than different. The things that make us different are  interesting and beautiful and taste good!

I also have my own ideas for Tripping Vittles products and items that I love for one reason or another

I am getting closer and closer to making this a reality.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I can’t wait to see whats next!!