Coming Soon: From Tripping Vittles

Coming soon Spices and more

I feel I have to explain a little here. As you know if you have been reading I have decided to make Tripping Vittles my full-time job. In doing so I have a ton of irons in the fire. More than I actually realized. That in turn sometimes turns things on end, from personal life to Tripping Vittles life. Yes, my online stores are coming soon There will be spices and more. (yep I said stores) I am super excited. In addition, I have a bunch of blog posts I have started writing and researching, am just not finished yet.

Second. I’m scared to death that there is only one of me and some things sometimes have to slide. That is the writing part. It is not always where I want them to slide but that is ok. My Belief is that it will all come together and the vision I have will be realized.

Coming Soon From Tripping Vittles

I am now going to call on you my readers, friends, and family, and ask you to help me. I was shy about asking and some said I should not but I do not think enough people know how this works. This new world of eCommerce and how we do things is changing at lightning speed. but there are some things you can do to help me. I will add that if you have anyone in your life doing online anything these are ways to help support.

How to Help

  • Follow Me…
    • Facebook @Tripping Vittles You can see what I am doing and my live videos are here.
    • Pinterest Share my pins and pin from my blog to your site.
    • Instagram Photos are fun you will link to shopping from here also
    • Amazon Storefront (when here buy from the things I suggest or use my links to buy other things. I make money when you do and that helps me pay rent)
    • Youtube Subscribe to my channel it helps my videos get seen.
    • TikTok it is fun, funny and you may see some products on there also.

Once my store is up come buy my spices and other products. Yes, I will have more than spices. Both my own products and those that I discover in my adventures. I also have started building relationships with some folks in order to sell some other items on different sites. When this happens give me a follow there.

Lastly, I am going to ask you to share share share. The only way I grow readers, followers and shoppers are for people to discover me. They do that by finding their way to my pages. So please help me out, and help your other friends out too that are diving into this new world. We all will be forever grateful.