End of Summer!

So here we all arrive at the end of Summer….Well kind of The meteorological end of Summer came on Aug. 31st….. My personal official end is Labor Day…..This years truly official end is Sept. 22nd Fall Equinox signaling the seasonal change over according to all the official mumbo jumbos about the equator passing thru the suns center and it happens twice a year…. Pagans will drop the robes and dance naked with the devil in the pale moonlight you know the end of summer!!

I am not ready to let it go quite yet… yes mother nature can  take the heat and humidity we had this year and she can shove it where the sun don’t shine….commonly known as January in Ohio.

I am not ready to turn in my grilling license nor am I ready to give up my summer cocktails. This weekend I am going to do a bit of both. Grilling some steaks and drinking some cocktails.

If you are like me the Labor Day weekend has snuck up on you and you are still in Friday work mode and in a bit of a panic about what fun cocktail you can enjoy over the weekend. I needed a quick easy cocktail as I do not have time to be messing around and it does not get any easier than a Boozy Arnold Palmer. Now I like to golf and most recently shot a 49 on 9 holes I am no Arnold Palmer but I do like that drink that came about by someone over hearing the golf legend ordering a tea and lemonade way back in the 60’s you know when there were hippies and stuff.

Now like every good food story there is controversy. In 2005 John Daly did pretty good at the Dirty Gator Open and this was a big deal cause he is not always even close to good, a bartender in the club house started adding Vodka to an Arnold Palmer and called it the John Daly…..If you don’t know sports the best way I can explain John Daly is he was a big driver who liked his booze and broads. Want more info look it up…..Well Daly got pissed and he and a buddy probably were aware how much money old Arnold Palmer was making on that tea thing( $42 million a year) and they started the GIASI Beverage company( Grip It And Sip IT) two things John Daly knows well. They started marketing the John Daly Cocktails which are vodka sweet tea and lemonade. Now to me that is just a Boozy Arnold Palmer and Daly’s cocktails are pre-mixed if you dig that cool but I like mixing mine myself and I will call them Boozy Arnold Palmers when I do.

At first I was not a fan of the sweet tea vodkas. They reminded me of Mad Dog 20/20 fun flavors with great promise but when you get right down to it they are nasty. In the last few years there has been a boom of these vodkas and you can find at least 5 or 6 on any given liquor store shelf. So I tabled the Boozy Arnold Palmer until recently when I was at a friend’s house and he served a version I had not seen before and it was really good. Jim got me  curious all over again about Boozy Arnold Palmers. I meandered on down to the” buy it up booze store” and lo and behold there were a bunch of new sweet tea vodkas I bought a few bottles and did not love any of them until I hit upon Deep Eddy.

Disclaimer..As you may or may not know  I am not a review site and I urge you to try all kinds of brands of anything I talk about here. Share with me what you consider good. I hope one day I will make money for suggesting an item or have it for sale on my site but now this is all from the heart and I share because I like it and  no matter what happens in the future this is where I will stay true. If fig newtons gave me a billion dollars I still could not say fig newtons are good they are dry and taste gross no amount of money can change that.

Now back to Deep Eddy Sweet Tea it is awesome it tastes like real tea and according to the label its cause they use real tea leaves. Cool!! and some real honey again Cool!! So my suggestion is use this sweet tea vodka and Boozy Arnold Palmer like mad this weekend until you forget that winter is just around the corner!!

Boozy Arnold Palmer

Boozy Arnold Palmer

  • 2.5 oz Sweet Tea Vodka
  • Lemonade(make your own or buy some, I find buying is a lot less work)

Fill a Collins or Pint glass with Ice add Sweet Tea Vodka and fill rest of glass with lemonade….Please note these go down like water and they will sneak up on you don’t fall down it is unbecoming!!