Nuts on Parade

Nuts on Parade

Sweet nutty and delicious. This is a great cold weather cocktail! 






Combine the brown sugar and toasted hazelnuts until well-integrated.  Place the mix on a flat surface such as a plate.  Use ½ oz. of the orange juice to rim a rocks glass to moisten it.  Roll the outer edge of the rim of the moistened rocks glass in the sugar/nut mix to coat the rim.  In a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice add all 3 liqueurs and the remaining orange juice.  Shake the mix vigorously to combine.  Fill the prepped rocks glass with ice.  Strain into the glass.  *The deliciously rich Nocello Walnut Liqueur may be unfamiliar to some of you.  It might be hard to find in your area, but if you like nut-based cordials & liqueurs it is worth the search.  Novel, versatile and unusual.