Grandmas Recipe Box: Minute Steak Recipe

A recipe for Minute Steak may also be known as Swiss or Cube Steak.




  1. Brown steak in margarine and remove from pan
  2. after steaks set aside add onion to pan and cook until tender
  3. when tender sprinkle with flour stirring to coat onions
  4. when coated slowly add consommé and wine stirring the  until slightly thick
  5. stir in vinegar, salt and pepper
  6. place steak back in pan cover and simmer for 20 min until steak is tender


Serve as is or over a bed of rice or noodles sprinkle with parsley.  Side bar….I would opt for noodles buttered tossed with parmesan cheese and maybe some hot sauce because you will need help making this go down.

That said I think with a little tweaking this could become a delightful meal by adding mushrooms to the onions and leave out the vinegar .  We did not cook this in a  cast iron pan but I may try that also and brown the onions a little more for a more carmel color and  sweet flavor.