The Easiest Tastiest Marinade Ever

Marinated Meat

This is my personal goto easy marinade for everything. Chicken, Beef , Salmon it even works with a firm chunk of tofu. Try it with your veggies.  It is an all purpose player.




  1. Yep that is it combine pour over whatever you are marinading and let sit. If its a big hunk of meat increase portions but its always just half and half.


The longest I have used this marinade was on skirt steak. I put the steak and marinade in a bag froze the bag to take camping and in course of camping trip let it thaw out and then grilled over fire pit.

The shortest was I just mixed it up and had some thick tomato slices and pineapple slices and brushed them while they grilled. You cannot go wrong with this stuff.

I have seen other variations on this marinade adding garlic and ginger and hot sauce.. You can do all of that but why when it tastes amazing just how it is.