Homemade Sports Drink & Climbing Mt. Everest


A Health scare can make a person think about their mortality and dying. What will people say at your funeral, was I nice enough did I love enough. It can make you take stock of what you want to do with your life. I had that scare this week and in addition to those things it also made me think about how to make a tasty healthy Homemade Sports Drink and that maybe I should climb Mt. Everest.

You see when I was 18 and 19 years old I had extensive reconstruction surgery on both my knees…I got fat! Since then it has been a constant battle with the scale and several physical issues and that battle was not helped by 17 years of a high stress job that created belly fat. If I were a pig someone would be eating that belly.  But as a human it is just useless fat.

I have tried crash diets and programs and plans. But here is the crux..I love Food. I love everything about food. Eating it, making it ,reading about it. I find mine and others relationships with food fascinating.  I have gone Vegetarian for a Day a week as documented here. For health and environmental reasons but in the end I have to do more.

Climbing Mt. Everest

So I am going to climb Mt Everest, all 29,035 feet of it!

No I am not going to Nepal or Tibet. I am starting the Mt. Everest Challenge on the Jacobs Ladder climbing machine. Yeah you can buy one on Amazon here is the link.. but I am just going down to my local work out facility and doing it.

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I read someone completed the challenge in 6 days!! I am thinking it will take me more like 6 weeks. Who wants to join me in the challenge??


Now you maybe asking why?? Well this is part of my story…its part of the Tripping, to do the Vittles I have to also do the Tripping.  I find I am more accountable when I do things with people. I am assuming all of my readers are people so I am choosing to share with you for accountability.  Follow me On Facebook Tripping Vittles  to take part in the challenge and follow the progress.

Plus I had the crap scared out of me this week. I thought I was dying. I’m not but that does not mean all those tests and such did not make me think I maybe.

You do not need the Jacobs Ladder to be part of the challenge just keep track of how many feet you climb on a stair climber. I will share my progress and you can share yours.

Don’t worry I am not changing into a health and fitness blog. This is just another layer to Tripping Vittles story that I want you to join me on or even better help me with. More exercise has always been the solution for me. A few fewer hours a week watching movies and a few more hours doing something physical.

Homemade Sports Drink

I am sharing this recipe because I am trying to cut out as much processed and artificial food and drink that I can(this will not affect Tripping Vittles but it will affect how I eat at home) and this is easy to make and tastes better than anything you can buy.

[tasty-recipe id=”2212″]

The following are some things I use for getting in shape and making the sports drink.

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