Game 7: Cubs vs Indians.. Food on a Bun

It is happening 2 teams that have been lovable losers are about to play one game to decide who wins the 2016 World Series. You can’t have a tie in Baseball but I have decided you can in picking what city has the best food on a bun. The Chicago Dog or The Polish Boy. 

I tried to pick a food I love best from the Chicago/Cleveland rivalry. Would it be from a city I lived in for almost 18 years or Cleveland a city in the state I have made my home for over 10 years. I looked at desserts and pizza and well nothing compares in either city to a good old-fashioned tube steak made the Chicago way. I shared that with you in my last post.  I love a  Chicago dog. That was until I tasted the Polish Boy Sandwich from Cleveland!! A delicious combo of Kielbasa, BBQ sauce, Cole Slaw and French Fries. The sandwich is the Bomb Diggity!! Yes I used Bomb Diggity it’s what came to mind first.  I have determined thru scientific research and my taste buds and belly that there is in fact a tie for best way to eat a loaded Bun!

I actually wish there could be a tie in tonight’s baseball game too, I have so many friends that are just like me. Long suffering fans of a team that has grown used to saying there is always next year. The  Cleveland Indians have brought much sorrow to their fans just like the Cubs have to their fans over the years.

No matter who wins tonight I want you to make a Polish Boy at some point. Eat it while you watch the highlight reels of this series.  These teams should be proud they gave us fans a series full of excitement and great baseball. Amended CUBS WIN!!! but its still a game worth watching.

Lets Make a Polish Boy Sandwich

Polish Boy

Polish Boy

Place 1 Kielbasa on a Bun. Toss a nice amount of French Fries with BBQ Sauce(I used Buckeye Original BBQ but use what you like if you are not in Ohio) Top the bun and Kielbasa with the french fries. Add about half a cup Cole Slaw. 

.I would love to tell you I enjoyed this sandwich immensely and I will cheer for the Indians.  Sorry but that is just not going to happen. Love the Polish Boy and still love my Cubs Lets Go Cubbies!!


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