How to make Honey Water

How to Make Honey Water for Cocktails

I lied!! I said we were going to make Shrub recipes in my last post. We will just not today, today  we are going to learn how to make honey water for cocktails and refreshing summer coolers. 

I love Honey, particularly local honey. My love of local honey comes from my hate of spring and summer allergies. I make honey water each morning and drink it down. It does not cure allergies but if defiantly helps make the symptoms less.  This only happens with local honey, I am not a scientist so this is laymen speak. Those little bees fly around and pollinate our flowers and such and then they make honey with the goodies and together when consumed they can lessen symptoms from what those flower produce..pollen. So if you have allergies find yourself a local honey purveyor and buy some honey.

Honey Water

I used to take just a spoonful of honey each morning but it would make me gag. I hated the texture and so I started dissolve it in water to create  Honey Water. Mush easier to ingest and enjoyable like a sweet cup of tea.

There are other things they say honey is good for…Weight loss, Indigestion, Boosting Immune System, soothe sore throats, detoxing,. I am not a Dr of any kind of medicine but I am a believer in the synergy we humans have with animals, bugs and the planet. I also know that honey is  indestructible we have found it in Egyptian tombs and it was still viable.  So I will not discount any theory on honey being good for us because we are tied to honey thru the bee’s and if they disappear so do we. So the way I see it honey is vitally important to us.

Why make Honey Water?

There are lots of sweeteners out there. So far on this page we have already learned how to make Simple Syrup there is also maple syrup, coconut sugar, molasses and several others. we may use some of these in the future but now I want to concentrate on the natural goodness of honey.

Why make honey water instead of just pouring the honey into a drink?  I like my honey dissolved. That is it the simple answer. Dissolved honey is better.

A note of caution your local grocery stores sell things that are marked honey but maybe colored high fructose corn syrup. Be sure to read ingredients if you do not have a place to get local honey to be sure you are getting real honey and not something from parts unknown with who knows what in it. Now lets learn how to make honey water…

How to make Honey Water

Its simple and easy…

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