Posted on July 11, 2016

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Today is National Mojito Day… Tripping Vittles is not meant to just write about National Days of Food though from time to time I will reach out and grab a day for inspiration or because I love something so much I have to write about it. I love Mojitos There are some blogs out there that dedicate themselves to National Days of Food and they do a really good job. Check out Foodimentary  today is also national Bluberry Muffin day and they have a great little recipe. Tripping Vittles is not interested in Blueberry Muffins at least not today, today we are talking Mojitos.

Mojitos come in many flavors my personal favorite is  the good ol’  traditional Mint & Lime it is refreshing and brings back memories of a wonderful trip to Key West.

I had  foot surgery prior to my trip and my foot was in a boot so I was limited on what I  could do while in Key West but drinking mojitos was on the list and drink them I did! There is something wonderful about drinking a tropical drink while you are actually in a tropical setting. Add to the setting the myth that the mojito was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink and he reportedly consumed many a mojito at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba just 90 miles away from his home in Key West. He lived in Key West in the 30’s and Cuba in the 40’s and 50’s. You can visit his home in Key West and it is easy to imagine him living by the sea in a tropical setting enjoying a mojito and writing a masterpiece.

I say it is a myth because there is not actual proof that his favorite drink was the mojito. There is a signed copy of a quote from Hemingway on the wall of the above mentioned cuban bar but it has sense been proven a forgery. So it is unclear if he enjoyed the drink or not but what is clear is in Key West you can get an amazing mojito and visit his home where he wrote some of his best work.

I have tried for years to recreate the recipe from memory and with the the recipe I  am about to share I have believe I have just about gotten it right.  When I was sitting at that bar in Key West  I was not thinking to ask the bartender to give me a recipe I had no idea years later I would be writing a food blog and wanting to share the recipe that was so amazing.  I will have to say that some of that amazement probably stems from the setting but summer is here and its hot like the tropics.  In researching the Mojito I found a ton of different ways to make this drink. It is so simple yet there are  many different riffs on the drink called The Mojito. Some use club soda, some use specialty citrus soda, some tonic, some limeade, simple syrup, mint vodka,mint extract, roses lime juice, fresh limes, sweet and sour,sour the list goes on and on.

I had a flavor profile in mind and it was the one from Key West it was not fancy simple fresh ingredients and a little carbonation. I shall take ownership of this particular Mojito as it is the one I make and drink. My ingredients are simple lime ,mint, rum,sugar and top with Mexican Sprite or 7up(the kind in the glass bottle). The only equipment you need to make this is a knife,muddler and spoon.

Classic Mojito

Tripping Vittles Classic Mojito

  • 1 Tablespoon Superfine Bar Sugar
  • Lime cut in 8ths
  • 3-4 large Mint Leaves
  • 2oz Silver Rum
  • Mexican Sprite
  • tall glass
  • ice

Put the sugar in the bottom of a tall glass. squeeze in the juice of the  small chunks of lime and than add the lime pieces  to the glass. tear up the mint in rough pieces and add to the sugar and lime. Muddle(squish) this mixture until sugar is dissolved fill glass with ice, pour the Rum into glass  over ice,stir add more ice to top if room and than top with soda give another quick stir and drink.

Enjoy while reading a good book try Hemingway he was a pretty good writer!