So it was another one of those National Days on Friday something about Photography. Pretty much I think you can have a day for anything you just have to pick a day and call it yours…I am sure there is something official and someone has to approve something. Maybe that’s a job for the Vice President I don’t really know over all what vice presidents do in down time I think it maybe special day declarer.  I will get back to you on this but until them I am going to self declare.

I do declare that from this day forward January 10th of every year hence  forth too will be National Tripping Vittles Day(it is also the day of my birth so another reason to celebrate) I have declared it, so it will be!!…… I have a day!

Now that is out-of-the-way lets talk photography. I love taking photos. The above photo I snapped last night while having dinner at a friend’s home.   I love looking at Photos. It is why Instagram is my favorite social media. I like to see how others see the world and with phones the way they are now you can catch some really amazing stuff from your hand.  I like how photos put you in a time and place you may be there or you may be 1000’s of miles away but photos can make you feel something.

Do I have a favorite photo that someone else has taken Yes I have many some are tragic and seem personal. I have loved New Orleans for years. It was my escape from an awful job. I would fly there sometimes 4 or 5 times a year just to immerse myself in a culture that was exotic and full of food, drink, music and life.  When Hurricane Katrina hit it was like a knife to my heart. I saw places I loved under dark murky water. There was death and dying and it was no longer what I knew it sit was something darker. I have followed its rise from the murky waters and have cheered it on. I have not returned since Katrina wreaked havoc the following link takes you too photos that won Pulitzer prizes at the time. They still bring a tear to my eye.  These rank as some of my favorite photos even though they tell a dark tale.  As I write this Louisiana is facing another awful natural disaster a slow-moving storm has flooded over nearly 20 parishes and once again has displaced thousands. I hope to return in the next year or so to New Orleans a place that holds such allure to me.

Not all the photos I like are of tragedy some of my favorite photos revolve around sports. I was blessed enough to be at game 6 & 7 of the 1991 Minnesota Twins World Series win against the Atlanta Braves. The following Photo of Kirby catching a home run ball is one of my all time favorites. I did not take this photo it is not my photo!! But it holds an image I love.

kirby puckett catch

It floods me with memories of my Dad and Uncle both of whom have passed on but who on that day I was with as we watched one of the greatest games in the history of baseball be played.

Photos are amazing and sometimes they bring memories flooding back. I was at the Boston bombings and I have memories of that day that no-one else has. There are some amazing iconic photos of that event and what happened when two bombs went off 12 seconds apart. We all know these photos the older runner on the ground surrounded by police. The bombing victim walking dazed his clothes shredded. I have those memories stored away but some of my favorite photos of that day have nothing to do with the bombings and they have everything to do with a beautiful trip I took with friends to an amazing city.

Boston Marathon 2013

I love this photo because it shows the beautiful sky and a cool old Boston building. When I look at this it makes me smile.

I am learning all the time about photography. I have taken a class and am saving for a digital camera up until this point everything I have done has been on my iPhone and will continue to be until I have a DSLR in my fat little hands(I really have fat little hands). I am proud of the photo at the top of this page I think it is one of my better ones. I do though have a personal favorite food/drink photograph that I took. It is a photo of a Mi Tai that I took in Hawaii. It will never win an award it is not even close to my best photograph but the memories around it are so great and it was an incredible drink.

Mi Tai in Hawaii

I urge everyone to take photos it is easier now than at anytime in our lives. Get on Instagram and share those babies follow me, click the little camera link up in the right hand corner of this page.  I will follow you right back.