Returning to Boston!

The photo above is taken today. The day I came back to Boston. You see I was here 2 years ago on April 15th 2013 the day The Boston Bombings happened. The following photo is my last view of the hotel as I leave town. On April !6th 2013.        Last time I saw Boston

I had to come back I felt like something was unfinished. My friends who ran, one finished the others were stopped just short of their completion. For them that was enough for me it was not. I was here in Boston spectating as I have done many many times before . I could rehash the day 1 million times over and have done so in my head. I do not think many understand what this did to me. It changed me and I can not explain it very well. Maybe it was the first explosion louder than the second but as I would come to find out further away.  Maybe it was the things I did that day out of the ordinary for me. Made signs and talked to people made friends for a day an hour a few minutes.  That is a testament to how amazing The Boston Marathon is. The most friendly supported exciting race I have ever been to.

Since the Marathon I have quit my job at Lowes, I work full time at a small pizza shop doing whatever I need to in the restaurant I love all  to make a living doing something that gives me great joy. I have lost 65 pounds and I have started Tripping Vittles. Would any of this happened without the Boston Bombings?? I do not think so. I was shown life can be fleeting it can be over in a second changed for a life time. I so easily could have been standing there with my back to the terror unfolding. A pressure cooker a backpack and evil.

You see my plans from the get go were to stand at that finish line and take photos of my dear friends Carol and David finishing the race. It was their race it was Carols family legacy. Her Father and Uncle both ran this race. It was Carols time and thru some amazing circumstances she was going to be able to run this race with her husband David by her side.  I wanted to be there to take it all in to see the joy as she crossed the finish line.

Instead I was somewhere on Herford before you get to Boylston street.  I had done something out of the ordinary. Something that I still have no idea why I did it, I made signs to cheer on my friends.


Its such a small thing but thru the course of that one action i changed my whole day. It is so hard for me to wrap my head around. I know most do not understand the deepness to which this affected me and I understand that. My mom calls it my wake up call… The thing that shows you life is short, don’t take if for granted and do the things you love because you are not promised another second.  I am now about to embark on a trip to put it behind me. I will always carry some of that day with me but over the next few days i am going to see Boston all over again finish The Freedom Trail, eat an amazing Lobster Roll and drink some awesome drinks.

I hope you all will come along on my Trip with me. Lets go see Boston!!