Somethings Do Not Go As Planned

Somethings Do Not Go As Planned

2 weeks ago I set off for Church Camp. It is a time for me to reset my spiritual self. To shut off the electronics. To consume many a  root beer float. There is more to it than just that but you get the idea.

The shutting off electronics was hard as I am trying to build a blog following and I was posting 3 times a week. My intention was to cut back, maybe one post a week I have a few good things from camp I could easily share with you and I will in future posts. But things took a left turn when I had not reliable internet. This caused me to take a serious look at how much I depend and stare at a computer screen. It also forced me to  take a break re-focus and breath. It started out being very annoying and by the end of camp I had forgotten where my phone was. It felt great. I know I cannot just abandon the internet. I have a blog after all and I like taking photos for Instagram and posting on Facebook but there was a wonderful release after unplugging for 10 days.

Lesson learned… Find a way to schedule posts for next years camp ahead of time so I can truly release all electronics and not think about it for 10 whole days. Make this a regular thing to disconnect I feel better when I do.

The theme to this post is things not going as planned. I had ideas laid out I wanted to photograph certain things I wanted to share what I was eating and cooking. I had plans….

I still have some of those things in mind they just will be after the fact instead of in the moment.  My comfort of things like knives got the best of me and I managed to give myself a cut that went to the bone on my hand. Ouch

Bleeding and embarrassed because a person who works in a restaurant should not be that dumb I had to look at all my plans and make changes.  Swimming was out of the question, washing dishes and prepping food became a whole different experience. Oh and my hand hurt.

I am all healed up now. I took the stitches out myself but this years plans ended up being way different from what I had envisioned.

Lesson learned… New Knives are sharp and you should not try to open plastic bottles with them.  You have to adapt to things that happen and make new plans. Sometimes there are bumps in the road and you have to adapt….Oh and did I mention new knives are sharp and go thru skin like butter!!

Back to food, fun and travel in my next post.