Vegetarian for a Day: Sweet Potato Hash w/ Eggs Recipe

Sweet Potato Hash with eggs

Its time to add to our Vegetarian for a day recipe box.  Today we are having Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs flavored with Mrs H.S Ball’s Chutney.

One of the greatest gifts I have gotten thru creating Tripping Vittles is being able to talk to people and  hear stories about the food they love. I have received  gifts of food and beverage from people who travel  thinking I may like to try something they discovered. Those people would be totally correct in that assumption. People have shared food from their hunts.  Fish from their time on a lake or standing in a stream.  I hope the longer I do this the more I receive those gifts and I can share the stories that come from you.  Within todays recipe there is one such story.

Mrs. H.S.Ball’s Chutney

As we have learned in the past many of the food items we use have wonderful origins. They have back stories all their own or there is a disagreement about who invented it first. In the case of Mrs HS Ball’s Chutney according to the company it is the recipe that survived a shipwreck.

Few lovers of the perennially favourite Mrs H.S. Ball’s Chutney™ will know just how close the recipe for their favourite sauce came to being buried in a watery grave! For in 1852 when the SS Quanza was shipwrecked off East London, South Africa, en route from Canada to Australia, Captain Adkins and his wife were lucky to escape with not only their lives but also the blueprint for what was to become one of South Africa’s most unique and priceless culinary icons. Making the best of their situation, Captain Adkins and his wife settled in King Williamstown. In 1865 their daughter, Amelia, was born. She was later to marry Mr Herbert Sandleton Ball, a railway superintendent from Cape Town. As part of her coming of age, the young bride was given the coveted secret chutney recipe.

When The Great War broke out in 1914, the Ball’s chutney was being made on a small scale and was either given as gifts to friends or sold at church bazaars. So popular became its wholesome, piquant and fruity flavour that the Ball kitchen was transformed into a makeshift production line. As demand continued to soar, Amelia and Herbert sought the assistance of Cape Town businessman Fred Metter, who procured both the octagonal jar and the oval label with which today’s chutney lovers are so familiar.

That is the story directly from Mrs Ball’s web page on how it came to be.

How did I get the Chutney

As I stated above I have been very lucky meeting nice wonderful people who share with me. Not to long ago  I met a woman who married a man from South Africa.  She was dining with her Mother who was from England.  I hope I got that right as I did not make notes, lesson learned always make notes!  During  her visits to South Africa she was introduced to Mrs Balls Chutney. In the course of our conversation we talked about Chutney , one thing lead to another and the next time I saw her  I was holding a bottle of  Mrs Balls Chutney .

The flavor is mild and delicious has the tang of vinegar with a sweetness of apricots and peaches. Mrs Balls Chutney could be used in  all kinds of ways. As a  sandwich spread or cook meatballs or lil smokies in it.  You could also pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers.  In Todays dish it will be used to  flavor  the  Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs.

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

I committed  recently to try for one day a week of vegetarianism ,you may remember I shared a Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe a few weeks ago.  Today I thought we would look at breakfast.  I love hash and egg scramble dishes todays dish is along the lines of one of my favorites.  I realize there are many kinds of vegetarians….you have your Vegans they are hard-core.  Then you have  your Lacto Vegetarians they will eat dairy products.  There are the Ovo Vegetarian no dairy but will eat eggs and lastly  Lacto-ovo Vegetarian eat both dairy and eggs.

The above are vegetarian and then the what I will call the sorta-kinda vegetarians. Those include Pollotarian only eat poultry or fowl.  you also have the Pescatarian where they only eat fish and seafood with their veggies. Last but not least you have the Flexitarian who consumes mainly a plant-based diet, occasionally they may eat  meat, fish or poultry.

I am trying hard for our worlds sake and my health to at least meet Flexitarian status. Todays recipe Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs has reached Ovo Vegetarian level on the vegetarian scale.

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