The Absolute Best List of Items For Making Soup

The Absolute Best List of Items For Making Soup

We have just had a storm(Snowmaggedon 2022) and we have at least two more months of cold weather. Before it really feels like spring. This is my absolute best list of items to use for making soup.

Yes, there are a million and one soup recipes out there. I think one of the best ways to make soup is just to put leftovers in a pot and add stock and seasoning. No recipe is required. This is easier said for some than done so let’s start with one of my favorite Soup cookbooks.

This is an older book but you can still find new and used on Amazon and a few other places. Barbara Kafka is one of my favorite cookbook authors. In this book, her cucumber soup is a favorite for summers, and pick anyone of her warm soups and you will be thrilled If you have ever wanted to try Bouillabaisse but were too intimidated her recipe is achievable and delicious

Immersion Blenders are the best if you want a smooth creamy soup. Not only is an immersion blender great to make soups velvety smooth. That same blender can also make vegetables like squash into puree to add to broth and liven up a chunky soup. It is a wonderful apparatus to have in the kitchen but I personally use it most for soup.

I love all things all clad and this is no exception. All-clads Immersion Blender is as straightforward as they come.

I am not sure about you but I like a thick stick to your ribs soup. One of the absolutely easiest way to achieve that is by using Wondra Flour. You don’t have to make a slurry or mess around getting rid of lumps. This stuff is maybe the greatest invention for the kitchen. It also will help make the perfect thanksgiving gravy. and I am probably giving away secrets but you know that coating on shrimp that is super light and delicious when fried? Well, this is the stuff. It will make shrimp po’boys magical.

This is the stuff of cooking magic. Order by clicking the link for Wondra Flour

It really is that good!

Lastly, the pot I use absolutely the most to make soup and stews in is my Le Cruset Oval Dutch Oven. I have a whole collection of cast iron from Le Cruset that I earned as a salesperson from the company I worked for many years ago. My pots are over 20 years old and they still look brand new. I realize they are very expensive. It is why I suggest first the Oval because it serves as the best roasting pan for chicken and roasts but also amazing for soups and stews.

Understanding Le Cruset can be out of many people’s price range I have included this link to something lower in price. There is no way I vouch for those other brands as I have never used them but I suspect they work very well. I have used and love my Le Cruset so that is how I arrived at this selection.

The moral of this story is to make soup. Use a recipe or don’t. Serve it for dinner or lunch maybe even breakfast. Warm your house and your heart cook and eat soup. This link will take you to another one of my favorite soup recipes. This one I use camping often but it satisfies on a cold winter night also