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Tripping Vittles: The Best Adult Halloween Candy

I grew up in Minnesota and in the 70’s it was a survival of the fittest situation for most Halloweens. I am sure it is where my sense of adventure and my love of all things creepy and chocolaty came. Tripping Vittles: The Best Adult Halloween Candy 2021 edition.

There was more than one Halloween I was grateful for the layers of clothes my costume afforded. Because snow and or sleet was not unusual for October 31st. I am convinced Halloween and all the time playing outside my technique for hot chocolate was professional level. The first cup of the season often flowed on Halloween night.

While you get ready for Halloween be sure you get what you need for a nice cup of Hot Chocolate. Follow my Recipe here How to Make the World’s Best Hot Chocolate goblins and ghouls go better with cocoa. Since this is for adults add a little something special to your cocoa. Vanilla Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps, Kalhua. You get the idea right?

Once you get the Hot Chocolate made don’t forget the candy. When actually tricker treating I am a Hersheys Mini kind of gal. All but those nasty Mr. Goodbars. I have always thought it strange to have a movie about a murderous, sex, and drug-crazed teacher named after a candy bar. The candy bar came first in 1925, the movie was not till the ’70s about the time I started tricker treating. But if you have ever tasted one of these candy bars you will know they are still using peanuts from 1925.

I’m not shy when I say all candy is good it’s just that chocolate is better. Below you will find my top 5 favorite Halloween candies for 2021. These may be too good to hand out to the kids( your call) but if you want to share invite your adult friends over and get your adult Halloween on!

Happy Halloween Tripping Vittles Top 5 Candies for Halloween 2021

These are in no particular order but they are my favorites for Halloween

I can not understate how amazing Tony’s chocolate bars are, buy the 8 pack you will not be sorry. Click the photo to purchase

There is no way to explain how awesome it was to get to visit the Albanese Store outside of Chicago this summer while on a road trip. It was my first encounter with the Ultimate 8 flavors 40oz bag of Gummi Bears. mango, pear, currant, raspberry, blood orange, fuji apple, and cranberry. Get yourself some of these!

If you shop at Costco you may be familiar but there are so many without access to Costco or maybe you want them delivered to your door, either way, click the photo for some of the best caramels covered in chocolate you buy.

Have you have had them? Then you know! If you have not click the photo and order them. They are the best Lollipops!

We all love Kit Kats and if you don’t you are dead to me! Joking, kind of… Anyway, you can not be a Kit Kat Afficianado if you have not dived into the deep end of the Japanese Kit Kat candy experience. Click the photo for a sampling of several flavors. You can also order large versions of the bars on amazon or find some flavors at a local international grocer if you have one near. The pudding-flavored one is the bomb!!