Wedding Cakes, Mexican Food and Hummus

Wedding Cakes,  Mexican Food and Hummus

It’s Hard when you write a blog and you have nothing to say! 

I have a ton of stuff to say in the future . Creating  recipes is happening. Trips are being planned. I take photos almost every day for my Instagram Page.  Gay, Straight, Mexican, Muslim…..Ok I might have something to say and it might be about Wedding Cakes, Mexican Food and Hummus.

So the question than becomes do I stay positive or share how I am really feeling today. , Do I tell you over the last week I have Kayakd like I was planning  in my last Blog post Writing, Reading and Reflexology ..I did go and it was fantastic. Yes my arms hurt and yes I have only gone once so far but it is a very relaxing enjoyable experience that also gives you a nice little work out. There that was positive!

Do I tell you that some of the things I had planned were effected by the fact sometimes I feel that life in general is hopeless.(don’t worry I am not going Kate Spade, save that concern for people who really are in a dark place) I am just a bit tired of trying to get people to understand that treating people fair and equally should not be a political thing it should be a right thing to do thing.

Wedding Cakes, Mexican Food and Hummus

There is not a single religion that does not preach love and compassion yet under the guise of religion we as a people do horrible awful things that are not compassionate, loving or caring. Is baking a wedding cake for a couple in love no matter their sex worth all the time and money and hate generated?   Imagine a world where you open The Bible (not that Bible) The Cake Bible and you just baked a wedding cake and you wished the happy couple well.

I wonder how a country who loves tacos so much so that we have a day each week dedicated to eating the tasty little buggers can support the utter hate of the country of their origin. The country that shares our southern border. The one that so many of us visit to vacation in. Instead of buying into the complete and utter bullshit about Mexico and its people why don’t you pick up the Torah(not that Torah) any one of these 5 books on Mexican cooking will do. They will give you a better understanding of Mexico and whats to love about the food and people.  [amazon_link asins=’0061373265,0393081141,039306154X,0393088928,1584793317′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’trippingvittl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dc16edcb-698f-11e8-9812-099976a09ab6′]

I guess I did have something to say. It was not my most happy or up beat post and there is not really a recipe Ok there is a recipe. But first stop hating and being Islamaphobic it is unattractive and you are hating on the people who gave us hummus and pita for crying out loud.

[tasty-recipe id=”2245″]

Until we have all read  the Qur’an and people can  tell me they understand its teachings I do not want to hear about the hate of the Muslim religion because  my guess is most people have not finished reading the Bible either…Yes that  Bible