Whiskey Wednesday Bourbon Sour ingredients

Whiskey Wednesday: Bourbon Sour

If you have been with Tripping Vittles since the beginning  you may remember Whiskey Wednesday. It was my way of sharing whiskey one day a week. I quickly found out I was not a mixologist and did not have 52 drinks a year made just from whiskey in my repertoire. Though after some reflection and a few Bourbon drinks,  I am pretty sure I can share 12 drinks a year once a month on any given Wednesday. Drum roll please……..Today I reintroduce to you Whiskey Wednesday: Bourbon Sour edition. 

My Bourbon Sour Story

The first time I had a Bourbon Sour was in New Orléans. My expectation was  a very sweet drink because of pre-conceived notions, it turned out not to be sweet at all(though if you want it sweet that is possible) instead it was a wonderful sour on the lines of a really great Margarita. Made with a  Bourbon Whiskey, fresh sour mix and cherry garnish.  It was love at first sip and I have continued my love affair with the sour for the last 20 years. Like all first loves you remember your first Bourbon Sour, mine was made with Makers Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, house made sour mix.  It was in a hotel bar on Toulouse off of Bourbon Street. I had just arrived for my first visit to the crescent city,  it would be one of more trips than I can count.  I had just found out my dad was dying of cancer and I was there to drowned my sorrows and try to pick myself up. A fantastic place to do both.

The Recipe

While sitting in that bar in New Orléans waiting for my friends to arrive. I met a bartender who did what bartenders do…..He listened to my story then he made me the finest Bourbon Sour I have ever sipped. Maybe it was the need for something to take the pain away or maybe it was a bartender who listened to what I had to say. Either way it was magic and he was the magician, as I finished my first drink and was ready for a second he invited me behind the bar to learn how they made that drink the New Orléans way.

To this day I continue to use that recipe from New Orléans.  It starts with the homemade  Sour Mix introduced a few weeks ago in this blog, and it is always Makers Mark as the bourbon and Luxardo Cherries. I have made one change to the New Orléans recipe and that is I add a shake of Cherry Bitters. Approximately 7 years ago or so I was given the gift of Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters  I now use it for all kinds of the cocktails I make and one of those cocktails is the Bourbon Sour.

Whiskey Wednesday: Bourbon Sour

Whiskey Bourbon Sour

I present to you the one cocktail that has been thru thick and thin with me. My fall back and the reason for Whiskey Wednesday. Drum roll please……. Ok that is just silly I have already told you what it is, so here is the recipe.

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