Whiskey Wednesday: The Indiana Whiskey Co

Whiskey Wednesday: The Indiana Whiskey Co

A month or so ago I shared on Facebook an article from Playboy 50 spirits 50 states the best spirt distilled in each state. I found the article fascinating and it gave me 50 distilleries to visit. Since I am not independently wealthy it may take some time to fulfill the dream of a personal visit to each one of these. But with Tripping Vittles it becomes more reality than dream.

I want to go to each one and than create a cocktail using their spirit from the list along with any other fun spirits they are known for. It will be a challenge and a bit exciting as Tripping vittles grows I hope to incorporate local food spots and people and places around the distillery.

My first visit was a quick stop at The Indiana Whisky Co. in South Bend Indiana at the time of the trip it was more to just stop grab a bottle or 2 of their product and move on down the road. I was on my way to a weekend get away and was in the area. If I were to do it again I would stay and talk to the awesome guys that were working there. Thankfully my friend Avery reminded me to get a photo at the distillery as I was thinking final destination and not living in the moment!!

Visiting The Indiana Whiskey Co.

Michael and Kevin were super nice and shared a bit about the company they have a great tasting room and you can see right into the production line. I was in such a hurry I regret it now because after some research these are a group of people i would have loved to get to know. The Indiana Whisky Co. is veteran owned and operated and 3% of all profits go to veterans support programs and organizations in the state of Indiana. Every time we raise a glass we have a veteran to thank for the freedom that we live in a country that allows us to toast when and where we want to that freedom does not go unrecognized.

In addition to the veteran support every thing that touches the Whisky from the water to the grains to the still is made in Indiana it is a truly a Indiana homegrown company. This will be a big part of what I want to highlight and talk about as Tripping Vittles takes shape.

The Indiana Whisky Co. “Just Whisky” is what Playboy Magazine chose as Indians best distilled spirit. It is described by Playboy as “sprightly Graininess along with some oak” The Indiana Whisky Co. itself describes it as” light bodied smooth wheated bourbon”

I think it is young and lively , it is oaky and and  has a slight sweetness that makes a wonderful cocktail.

I have taken this whisky and recreated a cocktail that I had in Walt Disney World. Adding my own little touches. In Disney they called it a Salted Carmel Manhattan. I am going to call my twist the Salted Caramel Terre Haute in keeping with the Indiana theme.

Salted Caramel Terre Haute

1 shaker full of ice
Chilled Martini Glass

2 oz Indiana Whisky Co. “Just Whisky”
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
1.5 oz Monin Salted Carmel Syrup
2 dashes of Bitters
3 oz Pineapple Juice

Add all ingredients to the shaker, shake till you cant shake any more and strain into martini glass garnish with one Luxardo cherry. Enjoy!!

Check out my Do it and drink it yourself video over at Youtube.https://youtu.be/MeviJ5MvR3s

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