Wintering in Baja Mexico

Posted on June 11, 2021

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Have you ever decided to do something so crazy, exciting, fun, and filled with adventure? That it scares you. I believe these last 18 months have given me and many others reasons to jump at chances to do differently with our lives. For me, it was making Tripping Vittles a full-time job, and now it’s going to Mexico and wintering in Baja.

How to do this

I am figuring out about working for yourself and what that looks like; for me, it is writing and figuring out how this whole online world works. Must write more. I did not realize how much writing is genuinely a muscle, and the more you do it, the easier and better you become at it.
In my world, I have some very talented writers, and I pale in comparison to them, but they are here, motivating me to be better and do better.

For me, between my experiences in Boston and the things that took place during covid, I have had enough signs to say that life is going by at a breakneck speed. So it’s time to leap off that ride and do what I have always wanted to do. Wintering in Baja Mexico is one thing on the long list, but I have talked about going to Mexico wintering in Baja for years. I just never had the nerve to do it. It’s more than a vacation, but I’m not turning into an ex-pat either.

What is my thing?

I have read all about #vanlife and Nomadland and watched videos on RV’ing. My admiration for all those people for doing their thing is huge, but I’m not sure they are exactly my thing. Why? Well, first, I love the people in my life. Second, the need to see those people I am closest to it is crucial to me. Third I love big cities; I love to fly, the outdoors call to me but so do islands and oceans.
I think I am more a #homebaseadventuregirl. Set down somewhere make some roots be it for years like here in Ohio. Or shorter visits to family in Chicago or Minnesota, short-term roots are still roots. The road trip out and back, long for weeks or short for a weekend. I have #wanderlust, but I also have #deeplove for where my roots are, and my roots are where the people and places I love are.
That was all a long way to say I’m moving to Mexico. Not permanently, just for a few months. I have a dear friend that lives there part-time who I have not seen for almost 20 years. I love everything about Mexico the culture, the music, the language. When will I ever be able to do this again? I don’t know, so I’m doing it now!

The first step was deciding to do it. It came about after reading a few books and talking with friends. So the decision was made I am going to Mexico wintering in Baja. Check out my reading list here.

For the rest of the plan, and how I do this I hope your will follow it along. You are going to join me on the journey!

Stay Tuned!