Writing, Reflexology and Kayaking


Writing ,Reflexology and Kayaking and getting out to do more Tripping Vittles(Live Life).  I never seem to feel 100%  and it was wearing me out and making me depressed.Most of you probably do not know I have been in chronic pain since I was about 18-19 years old. I had major knee problems and both knees were reconstructed.  The hope doing these extensive re-constructions was that I could go several years before I needed them replaced.

Writing, Reflexology and Kayaking

You see knee replacements don’t last and I would have had to have had several in my life if I had the first at 18. My Parents, my surgeon and I wanted to mitigate the number of knee surgeries I would have.  I think I had one of the best surgeons in the world do my knees. He was inventive and I trusted him and so did my parental units. I am now 50 and that surgery is still working.  Holding my knee caps where they should be and making my legs move in a walking motion.

Since that surgery I have been in nearly daily pain. I do not remember a morning I have not had to take a deep breath and wince as I got out of bed. It has been years since I have gone down stairs one foot in front  of each other.  I join gyms and promise to work out but after about a month or two I am in so much pain from activity that I usually stop. I have chosen a career where I am on my feet for whole shifts running and waiting tables. Why you ask? Because I love it. Because there is so much joy for me in doing what I love that I will ignore pain.

I have tried sports like swimming and biking and they worked when I was younger but at 50 my body has held itself a certain way and adjusted to the pain of my knees that it has found itself in pain all over rendering almost all sporting activity not possible.Even the ones like kayaking where your knees don’t move.  Until Now!!


Because of the job I love, I meet amazing people everyday and I have with great thanks become friendly with many of them. Some have even become my best friends people who I can turn to for anything and everything.  A few weeks ago thru one fo these customer/friends I was introduced to reflexology.

Definition: Reflexology~ a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.

This is who I use in the Columbus land area. She is kind and she knows her stuff. Reflexology by Jayne


If I explained to you how amazing this is you would think I was lying.  No Lies here!  I am going up and down stairs freely not holding a railing and even carrying my laundry basket vs sliding it. I have rejoined the gym and I just bought a kayak. That last one is something I have wanted to do for years now. I am sorry I waited so long but I feel good enough now to actually haul that thing to the lake and paddle around.

I am a research hound and read a ton of stuff on Kayaking the following is what I bought if you have ever wanted to do it  this is an entry-level list of things you need.

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As I sit here now writing this and wondering does anyone really care?? Probably not we all have issues but for me this is so exciting and I am feeling so good I wanted to share. I don’t have a recipe for  you today well I guess I have two.  One  go live life!  GO TRIPPING VITTLES!  Two use this Homemade sports drink to keep your energy up while you are doing life!!