Grandmas Recipe Collection: Egg Lemonade

Grandmas Recipe Collection: Egg Lemonade 1936

I have a fascination with recipes from the past, those passed down from friends or family threw the years. As I have shared in past posts I have my Grandma’s Recipe Collection in her original metal recipe box. Today I want to share another one of her recipes from 1936 The Egg Lemonade.


My vision for Tripping Vittles  I hope  will come into focus for my followers as it is crystal clear in my head and heart. One of the things I want to do with Tripping Vittles is to share the past with my readers. I feel there is great knowledge and memories in the past both with food and with life. I want those memories to live on and be things we can look back and learn from.

If you are reading this you are a friend.  My dream includes sharing friends heritage and ethnic cuisine.  Telling their stories and those of their family thru food and tradition. Bonding us all  together over a meal or a special dish.  Showing we are all far more alike than different.

I am calling this Grandmas Recipe collection.  In honor of my grandma Martha Sloat who gave the love of food and cooking to my Mom who passed it on to me.  There is lots of room in that old metal recipe box that I hope to fill with all kinds of recipes from my readers too the people I meet in my travels. I want to learn holiday traditions from all religions and walks of life and I want to share them all on Tripping Vittles.

A brief history of the egg lemonade

Today I start with a drink my grandparents used to make. It is Egg Lemonade a drink I can trace back in my family to at least 1936 as that is the date on the recipe card in my grandmothers hand writing.  In conversation with my mom we know this recipe was given to my grandmother from her mother in law.

The recipe itself  is traceable back to the late 1890’s where you could find it in medical journals. It was used as a digestive enhancement and a general nutrition provider. I would dare say it may have been the first smoothie.


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