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What’s Going on with Tripping Vittles

Posted on May 8, 2022

I want to quickly address What’s Going on with Tripping Vittles and where we are in both the spice business and the business of adventure.

You will start to see some changes with the Vittles. I will still and probably always have my spice blends but I am not going to be doing every market out there like I did last year.

Where will you find Tripping Vittles Spice Blends?

I will continue with Westerville Saturday Farmers Market as I think it is the best Market in all of Columbus land. You will also find me at a few of the Gahanna Farmers Markets. I will announce the dates for these soon. Beyond that, I will only be doing specialty one-off events throughout the year. The way the world is right now and the supply side issues for a very small business like mine has made it smarter for me to do things this way going forward.

These issues are why I still don’t have a full store on my website. Doing a full big sales platform and not being able to fill it for me was not a smart move. It was a time suck of immense proportions and stress that was weighing me down.

You can look for me to be selling on both Facebook and Instagram and if I can reach enough followers I will also open sales on TikTok. So give me a follow on these platforms and any others you frequent I am on almost all of them. That’s what’s going on with Tripping Vittles spice blends.

So if not a spice company what are you?

This all said Tripping Vittles is my baby and I intend to keep pushing for what I have always dreamed it to be and that is a place where I discover the world outside of my little bubble. I want to travel and tell people about it. I also want that travel to be accessible and realistic for everyone.

You may have noticed some changes in my logo and wording. If not yet you will as I move through all my media sites. I have made no effort to hide the fact my hero in all things food travel and drink-related was Anthony Bourdain. I admire greatly the ability he had to cross boundaries of social and political justice to tell the story of food and travel.

How my hero affects me every day

One of my absolute favorite episodes of No Reservations was when he was in Leon France. He sat with children at their school and ate with them and talked about food. When I first watched the episode I thought how rewarding to feed kids and make a bridge to both growing up loving food and learning about food.

Through a set of circumstances, I have become a lunch lady. Those circumstances have brought me infinitely closer to realizing my dream of making Tripping Vittles a whole experience, not just a place where I wax poetic when I have a few moments to share about some food or a recipe. I am the person making those differences and I am doing it all while being who I am. It is an incredible feeling!

What I never was and what I want to be

I have never wanted to be the place where I just write about a dish of food and then share a recipe. I have tried that. There are some really amazing people doing things like that. Check out Pinch of Yum her stuff is super cool. But that’s not me. I will happily share how to make something with my spices though. but who I am at my core is not Martha Stewart. I have spoken of it before but never had the time to be more like Anthony Bourdain but I do now.

Till the day I die, I want to adventure. I want to make a difference in the world and I want to do it with people I love and care about. I am becoming more of who I truly want to be every second that goes by. Becoming a lunch lady has been an amazing inspiration and also a giver of free time. I am still wrapping my head around the fact I get summers off!!

Life is an adventure! Eat, Drink and Travel

I have started to do videos and I really love learning the medium. Check out and subscribe to my youtube channel. I will still share my knowledge of 35+ years in foodservice it just will be wrapped up in a different package. My kitchen hack videos are a fun example of that.

So you are all caught up on What’s Going on with Tripping Vittles. Now keep your eyes peeled for the next Adventure and until then Eat, Drink and Travel!

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Trader Joe’s Five Ingredient Salad Recipe

Posted on March 20, 2022

A simple recipe for a salad that goes with everything. This Trader Joe’s five ingredient salad recipe is so easy yet tasty and full of flavor. I usually make the salad after a trip to TJ’s when I buy all the fixings. I like Trader Joe’s products for their taste and their price. This salad is cheaper to make when you purchase the ingredients at Trader Joe’s. But if you are not near a TJ’S just grab these ingredients from your local grocery.

It is a jar or can of each item. There is no additional seasoning, and the only addition I have made is if I have any hard Italian salami, I will cube or slice and add that to the mixture; more often than not, I make it without the salami.

Trader Joe’s Five Ingredient Salad Recipe

Salad Recipe
Trader Joe’s Five Ingredient Salad Recipe

How to Serve

Serve this as a salad side-dish or add protein for an entree salad.

  • Steak
  • Fried Chicken
  • Sandwiches
  • Salmon
  • Burger

I make this the day before I plan to serve it because the flavors only get better the longer they marinate.

This is also one of my go to camping salads. It goes great with almost anything you cook on the campfire. There ingrediants won’t kill you are send you to the out house in the middle of the night. It gets better the longer it sits. Make it before you leave and you can serve over the weekend.

Some of my Favorite things

The following links take you to my favorite kitchen items I used while making the dish. All-Clad Stainless mixing bowls. Yes, pricy but they are the only three mixing bowls you will even need unless making food for 100 people. I have owned mine going on for 20 + years and they are like brand new! I use them every day in the kitchen

Make sure you save the recipe on your favorite Pinterest board and give me a follow at Tripping Vittles on all the social media!


The Absolute Best List of Items For Making Soup

Posted on February 8, 2022

We have just had a storm(Snowmaggedon 2022) and we have at least two more months of cold weather. Before it really feels like spring. This is my absolute best list of items to use for making soup.

Yes, there are a million and one soup recipes out there. I think one of the best ways to make soup is just to put leftovers in a pot and add stock and seasoning. No recipe is required. This is easier said for some than done so let’s start with one of my favorite Soup cookbooks.

This is an older book but you can still find new and used on Amazon and a few other places. Barbara Kafka is one of my favorite cookbook authors. In this book, her cucumber soup is a favorite for summers, and pick anyone of her warm soups and you will be thrilled If you have ever wanted to try Bouillabaisse but were too intimidated her recipe is achievable and delicious

Immersion Blenders are the best if you want a smooth creamy soup. Not only is an immersion blender great to make soups velvety smooth. That same blender can also make vegetables like squash into puree to add to broth and liven up a chunky soup. It is a wonderful apparatus to have in the kitchen but I personally use it most for soup.

I love all things all clad and this is no exception. All-clads Immersion Blender is as straightforward as they come.

I am not sure about you but I like a thick stick to your ribs soup. One of the absolutely easiest way to achieve that is by using Wondra Flour. You don’t have to make a slurry or mess around getting rid of lumps. This stuff is maybe the greatest invention for the kitchen. It also will help make the perfect thanksgiving gravy. and I am probably giving away secrets but you know that coating on shrimp that is super light and delicious when fried? Well, this is the stuff. It will make shrimp po’boys magical.

This is the stuff of cooking magic. Order by clicking the link for Wondra Flour

It really is that good!

Lastly, the pot I use absolutely the most to make soup and stews in is my Le Cruset Oval Dutch Oven. I have a whole collection of cast iron from Le Cruset that I earned as a salesperson from the company I worked for many years ago. My pots are over 20 years old and they still look brand new. I realize they are very expensive. It is why I suggest first the Oval because it serves as the best roasting pan for chicken and roasts but also amazing for soups and stews.

Understanding Le Cruset can be out of many people’s price range I have included this link to something lower in price. There is no way I vouch for those other brands as I have never used them but I suspect they work very well. I have used and love my Le Cruset so that is how I arrived at this selection.

The moral of this story is to make soup. Use a recipe or don’t. Serve it for dinner or lunch maybe even breakfast. Warm your house and your heart cook and eat soup. This link will take you to another one of my favorite soup recipes. This one I use camping often but it satisfies on a cold winter night also

Tripping Vittles: The Best Adult Halloween Candy

Posted on October 24, 2021

I grew up in Minnesota and in the 70’s it was a survival of the fittest situation for most Halloweens. I am sure it is where my sense of adventure and my love of all things creepy and chocolaty came. Tripping Vittles: The Best Adult Halloween Candy 2021 edition.

There was more than one Halloween I was grateful for the layers of clothes my costume afforded. Because snow and or sleet was not unusual for October 31st. I am convinced Halloween and all the time playing outside my technique for hot chocolate was professional level. The first cup of the season often flowed on Halloween night.

While you get ready for Halloween be sure you get what you need for a nice cup of Hot Chocolate. Follow my Recipe here How to Make the World’s Best Hot Chocolate goblins and ghouls go better with cocoa. Since this is for adults add a little something special to your cocoa. Vanilla Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps, Kalhua. You get the idea right?

Once you get the Hot Chocolate made don’t forget the candy. When actually tricker treating I am a Hersheys Mini kind of gal. All but those nasty Mr. Goodbars. I have always thought it strange to have a movie about a murderous, sex, and drug-crazed teacher named after a candy bar. The candy bar came first in 1925, the movie was not till the ’70s about the time I started tricker treating. But if you have ever tasted one of these candy bars you will know they are still using peanuts from 1925.

I’m not shy when I say all candy is good it’s just that chocolate is better. Below you will find my top 5 favorite Halloween candies for 2021. These may be too good to hand out to the kids( your call) but if you want to share invite your adult friends over and get your adult Halloween on!

Happy Halloween Tripping Vittles Top 5 Candies for Halloween 2021

These are in no particular order but they are my favorites for Halloween

I can not understate how amazing Tony’s chocolate bars are, buy the 8 pack you will not be sorry. Click the photo to purchase

There is no way to explain how awesome it was to get to visit the Albanese Store outside of Chicago this summer while on a road trip. It was my first encounter with the Ultimate 8 flavors 40oz bag of Gummi Bears. mango, pear, currant, raspberry, blood orange, fuji apple, and cranberry. Get yourself some of these!

If you shop at Costco you may be familiar but there are so many without access to Costco or maybe you want them delivered to your door, either way, click the photo for some of the best caramels covered in chocolate you buy.

Have you have had them? Then you know! If you have not click the photo and order them. They are the best Lollipops!

We all love Kit Kats and if you don’t you are dead to me! Joking, kind of… Anyway, you can not be a Kit Kat Afficianado if you have not dived into the deep end of the Japanese Kit Kat candy experience. Click the photo for a sampling of several flavors. You can also order large versions of the bars on amazon or find some flavors at a local international grocer if you have one near. The pudding-flavored one is the bomb!!

Tripping Vittles is Life

Posted on October 8, 2021

I have come to treat this blog a bit like therapy and a bit like a platform to hash out what I am doing with my life in and around my business, now businesses. Things in life change. I think we oftentimes don’t like to admit we make mistakes or misjudgments. Maybe nothing in life is a mistake just a chance to learn and do better and sometimes not even do better. Tripping Vittles is Life. It is my place to succeed but to also fail.

I think it is super important to talk about why we do things and not be ashamed of where we are in our journey. I am referring to mental health and how it affects us.

These last nearly two years have been incredibly hard particularly mentally Covid has changed and flipped upside down nearly everything in my life and as of today, I have never even had the actual virus, but I have experienced a wide array of effects from the virus.

I am not here to call anyone out or embarrass anyone. but this huge event in all our lives has changed every single facet of my life. Did it start before covid? sure. I do not think you can discount how our former president turned this country upside down. I do not think you can not acknowledge the incredible tipping point the death of George Floyd had. But I am not sure either of those two things would have had the same impact if it had not been for Covid.

Its not really the jobs its my heart

My jobs changed. the root of that change is me but there were so many things that caused me to walk away from not one but two jobs. Was it about pay? How I was treated? The way customers acted? The behavior of people I had known for years acted? How scary it was to go to work day in and day out. How people who were not there would tell me I had no reason to be scared. As if somehow they knew what it was like. How seeing people get sick and some die affected me. So many forget I have been through a pandemic before and have watched friends die too many friends I did not want to see that again. How the only place I felt safe and in control was working by myself.

It finally felt like this was all getting under control. That I could deal with what had happened and move on. Then the reality strikes that this is like all cases of flu. There are deadlier and more fast-moving variants and we are in the early stages of something we will have to more than likely protect ourselves from again and again just like other cases of flu. Sadly until more of us have had it and or get the vaccine to mitigate symptoms many more of us will get sick and some will die.

People Confuse me I like my dog who I get vaccinated yearly

I will not tell you I understand a single soul who is not on board with masking up and getting the vaccine. Trying to understand the leap people are making about freedoms is difficult. Hell, we do things every day that are set forth by the government. There are about a million other ways the government interferes in our lives. Until this moment in time Vaccines were good. Polio, shingles, smallpox, Hepatitis A and B, HPV, Measles, mumps and rubella, tetanus, chickenpox, and the flu.

So yes we slipped backward. I know of someone in the burial business and yes there are shortages of caskets. Yes, they do have backlogs at some mortuaries and yes some hospitals are overrun. Is it all no? Are there things that have had to be done to keep hospitals profitable during a time when they can not do procedures that make them money(layoffs)? yep! This is where I could tell you this is exactly why we need to take the profit out of healthcare and give everyone universal care but some of you are not ready to make that link yet.

You are I am sure at this stage like hey Lauri this is a food/travel blog what the hell. You may be right. But this is also a blog about me and how I see the human condition and if I feel a certain way others probably do too.

Yep I started a second business

I decided in truth to run away to Mexico. It was really easy to make that choice. I have friends that live in Baja the price is right to rent a place. It was outside of Ohio. That was all very easy. the harder part is I made this choice months ago and I have now seen my business grow and I started a second business. Women Have Had Enough . Started as a place to share memes and it has become a passion project just like Tripping Vittles but in another part of my life. The feminist woman empowering helping people part of my life. It is also bringing out other artistic and interesting sides to me I did not know were there.

I am not ready to leave all that for 84 days. I also found a job that I really love. it is part-time and it could lead to full time and it would be the first time in my life I would be working full time with benefits if it goes that way. It is also a job that allows me lots of free time. Time to travel and explore the world. I am so very excited about what this could lead to.

A Thank You

I have to also shout out to some people in my life who have encouraged me and supported me. Who has seen me struggle and have helped me find my way. There have been family and friends who have seen my struggles and allowed me to work through them and be honest about how I am feeling without telling me my dreams are stupid or I need to just buck up. These people are my band of women warriors. They too have struggles and yet all of us seem to be making changes that are going to propel us to amazing adventuresome futures.

Where to find me

So on that note keep on Tripping and watch as I develop first as a human being and secondly as a business owner. I would love for you to follow all my adventures so click the links and hit like or follow.

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How to


New Business


How to Use the Proper Onion

Posted on September 7, 2021

Onions, there are so many kinds to choose from how do you know which onion to use? This post will show you how to use the proper onion. It will also give you some tips and ideas on how to make onion prep easy.

I have compiled a quick graphic that you can reference while making a shopping list, doing meal prep, or spending time in the grocery store. I will say this in most cases it will not matter if you interchange some of these, your dish will not have to be tossed in the trash bin or fed to the dog.

Do not feed me onions I could puke or die

Leia Jones~Adventure Dog

The dish you make will just be elevated when using the proper onion if your recipe does not state the exact onion(many do not). Refer to this chart.

How to Properly Use Onions

The other thing most people become very concerned about when dealing with the onion is the whole process of cutting and crying, crying and slicing, chopping and crying. You get the idea, how do you stop crying when doing anything with onions. In addition, how can you make it you don’t smell like a big onion when you go home.

We had a few tricks in the restaurant business. If you wear contacts, it is far less likely you cry while slicing onions, a piece of bread stuck to the top of your mouth was another restaurant tale. Rubbing your hands with something stainless while washing them and then rubbing the outside of a lemon tended to do wonders for the smell.

The following are all the things I use at home to make Onion prep easy and as painless as possible. Just click the link to pick up what you need for your kitchen.

Be sure to let me know what you are cooking with onions. Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

How To Make Watermelon Salad

Posted on August 17, 2021

How to Make Watermelon Salad. This was my first foray into the video world. I am getting more and more comfortable with this medium but I thought this video was timely because fresh watermelon is so prevalent right now.

This salad takes all the deliciousness of salty and sweet and combines them. It makes for a great side dish to any late summer meal. You can easily make this a full meal by adding in some shrimp or chicken.

Summer is a time for fresh fruit and veggie it is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and relax. Once the kids are back in school these meals seem more and more important.

The Ingrediants

Watermelon, the video says a small seedless melon but right now grab any watermelon at your favorite farmers’ market and enjoy. Two limes, feta cheese, black olives(in my haste I forgot to add that blackberries are also delicious instead of black olives). Add Tripping Vittles Margaritas to Mussles citrus seasoned salt and pepper.

The Video How to Make Watermelon Salad

While you are on my channel learning How to Make Watermelon Salad hit the subscribe button so you can see all my videos as they appear.

Watermelon Salad


There are some things I love using in the kitchen. When I cut fruit and work with citrus if you follow the link you can get purchase my favorite tools watermelon cutter, citrus juicer and glass storage containers

Restaurant Review: Lucky House Chinese Restaurant

Posted on August 11, 2021

My first full-fledged Restaurant Review I told you they would come when the urge struck. Well, it’s striking. Lucky House is a Chinese restaurant in Westerville, Ohio, where I currently call home. But all Chinese food for me is leveled against the place I grew up with.

I do not know the name of that Chinese place. It was in Maplewood, Minnesota. Somewhere on White Bear Avenue near the dollar movie theater and an old Shoppers City. I can still taste their chow mein; it was amazing. Or maybe it was crap, but I just loved the taste of it. Either way, I am constantly looking for something close in taste.

You are probably waiting for me to tell you that I have found that chow mein at Lucky House. Nope, I have not. But Lucky House is so good I kind have stopped looking.

This is your typical Americanized Chinese food. Bright pink sweet and sour sauce. Packets of soy sauce and hot mustard every meal ends with a fortune cookie. Even the spicy stuff here is not too spicy. You can get General Tso’s Chicken and Moo Goo Gai Pan. Sweet and Sour anything. I did not grow up here in Westerville, so I do not know the whole history of Lucky House, but its legend precedes itself, and it appears to have been around since the inception of time.

Start with egg rolls or crab rangoon; we all know what those are. But if you want something really awesome get the chicken lettuce wraps or the shrimp toast. Also, both of their wings, sweet or salt and pepper, are better than 95% of the wings served at actual wing places in town, and they don’t come with a side of sports and toxic masculinity.

Appetizer Spread

You should not have Chinese food without a little cup of soup. I love the hot and sour soup here. They are so close to my house that I sometimes order 3 or 4 servings when I have a cold. It makes me feel warm and cozy and clears up the stuffy nose!

My personal favorite Entrees are Bon-Bon Garlic Noodles with beef or the Orange Chicken. They are exactly what you expect but filled with flavor served hot and wonderful.

If you are a family, you can not go wrong with the Family Dinner deal. It is enough food to feed a large pack of hungry humans. They also have a substantial buffet on Sunday during the day, but with Covid still an issue, I would call and check before I assumed that was still a thing.

I have a Sunday night ritual where I switch off weeks. One week I get an appetizer spread and watch a movie or show I have wanted to catch. The next Sunday, I order dinner and a cup of soup and read a book while eating. It’s my finish out the week relaxing meal.

So here is the official Tripping Vittles Rating System. It is a 1-4 scale. 1-worst 4-best.

  1. So Nasty
  2. Dang that is Pretty Good
  3. Fuckin Great
  4. Holy Crap ya Can’t Beat That

Drum roll, please……….

If you want to try Lucky House click here

Lucky House gets a review of 2 Dang that is Pretty Good.

Picnic Fun: Uptown Lunchbox Concert Series

Posted on August 9, 2021

We have this really cool thing that is happening this summer in front of city hall. Lunchbox Concerts sponsored by The Arts Council of Westerville, The City of Westerville and Uptown Inc. They take place for an hour and a half on Tuesdays from 11:30-1 pm. It is guaranteed Picnic Fun at the Uptown Lunchbox Concert Series.

You bring a blanket or grab a chair. Eat lunch picnic style. You can bring your own or Jave Central has some really wonderful box lunches for $15. you get a sandwich Italian soda and chips.

I don’t know about you but I love a good picnic. I was reminded of all the fun concerts I saw when I lived in Chicago at Ravinia We always brought all we needed to those shows. We had quite the setup it made a picnic fun. It was also great to take to the beach or to the dunes.

It has been a long time since I set out to picnic. I camp and I visit food trucks but I have not done a picnic for a long time. So I dug out one of my favorite cookbooks on picnicking by Diane MacMillian The Portable Feast has lists for the best items to have while picnicking and it has recipes that are delicious.

In addition, the book is filled with delicious quotes about food, drink, life, and love.

“Sans pain, sans vin, l’amour n’est rien!”

(Without bread, without wine, love is nothing)

~French Proverb

Picnic Fun The Set Up

How do you picnic? The following are some of my favorite items to make life easy when taking food to a concert like the uptown concert series in Westerville or Ravinia in Chicago or any number of fun local to you destinations.

Picnic Basket/Backpack with everything you need.

Those items will get you stared down the path of picnic time. We still have many days left before winter comes a calling. Get outside and enjoy the days.

The following is a recipe from The Portable Feast it is a super easy Paté that people will think you bought from some fancy Charchuteris store. Serve on a piece of dark rye bread or with crackers along with your favorite red wine.

The Portable Feasts Quick Pate Recipe

Coming Soon: From Tripping Vittles

Posted on August 4, 2021

I feel I have to explain a little here. As you know if you have been reading I have decided to make Tripping Vittles my full-time job. In doing so I have a ton of irons in the fire. More than I actually realized. That in turn sometimes turns things on end, from personal life to Tripping Vittles life. Yes, my online stores are coming soon There will be spices and more. (yep I said stores) I am super excited. In addition, I have a bunch of blog posts I have started writing and researching, am just not finished yet.

Second. I’m scared to death that there is only one of me and some things sometimes have to slide. That is the writing part. It is not always where I want them to slide but that is ok. My Belief is that it will all come together and the vision I have will be realized.

Coming Soon From Tripping Vittles

I am now going to call on you my readers, friends, and family, and ask you to help me. I was shy about asking and some said I should not but I do not think enough people know how this works. This new world of eCommerce and how we do things is changing at lightning speed. but there are some things you can do to help me. I will add that if you have anyone in your life doing online anything these are ways to help support.

How to Help

  • Follow Me…
    • Facebook @Tripping Vittles You can see what I am doing and my live videos are here.
    • Pinterest Share my pins and pin from my blog to your site.
    • Instagram Photos are fun you will link to shopping from here also
    • Amazon Storefront (when here buy from the things I suggest or use my links to buy other things. I make money when you do and that helps me pay rent)
    • Youtube Subscribe to my channel it helps my videos get seen.
    • TikTok it is fun, funny and you may see some products on there also.

Once my store is up come buy my spices and other products. Yes, I will have more than spices. Both my own products and those that I discover in my adventures. I also have started building relationships with some folks in order to sell some other items on different sites. When this happens give me a follow there.

Lastly, I am going to ask you to share share share. The only way I grow readers, followers and shoppers are for people to discover me. They do that by finding their way to my pages. So please help me out, and help your other friends out too that are diving into this new world. We all will be forever grateful.

Mojito: The Best Cocktail

Posted on July 12, 2021

There are so many things I know for a fact. Cheeseburgers are one of the single best food inventions in the history of the world. I enjoy cocktails. Cocktails are better when made with fresh ingredients. The cocktail is meant to be enjoyed outdoors and with friends. Mojitos the best cocktail ever invented.

I could continue to wax poetic about cocktails and how many beautiful ways to enjoy them there are. Homemade ingredients are the best. Fresh grown herbs and fruits, and veggies make them extra special.

Taking the time to make simple syrups, sweet and sour mix, and shrubs can elevate your home cocktail game. I have written about all of those homemade ingredients before; follow the links for inspiration.

I have also tried to grow everything from Basil to Mint. At that, I have failed miserably. There is no green thumb on my hand. But there is a friend in my life that has a beautiful mint patch in her backyard. A scissors and a little humility, and I end up with a handful of fresh mint.

What I did not realize going into the weekend was that Sunday was national Mojito Day! I headed out for some stealth mint grabbing and home to make a perfect cocktail for a hot, muggy evening with my current ability to acquire mint; the mojito was next level!

The mojito, created in Cuba’s hot, humid tropical climate anywhere from the 1500s to the 1940s and ’50s, said Ernest Heminway enjoyed the mojito as his favorite cocktail. When you taste the cocktail, it is made clear from the first sip—cool, sweet, and refreshing.

The following is my favorite recipe for the mojito. I also love to vary the drink from season to season with fruit. I have in the past used Strawberries, blackberries, mulberries, pineapple, and mango. When you muddle the mint, add your favorite ripe fruit and muddle that too!
Yesterdays was simply a traditional mojito with mint from a friend’s garden; it was perfect!

Amazon Store

Follow this link to the items I use to create cocktails. This is my Amazon Page know that if you purchase I could make a little scratch. I thank you and happy cocktail creation.

Leaving Work Behind and Setting the Covid Reset

Posted on July 5, 2021

This past month has been a rollercoaster.  There is a separate post coming on that. But it is incredible to me how many people want to confront me about my choice of Leaving past work behind and carving out a new life for myself. I call it the Covid Reset  

This idea that there are millions of people just watching TV and eating BonBons is insulting.

You can all find the same articles to read (hundreds have been published) about why this is happening today, but I will say  I’m not lying around collecting government dollars. I’m trying to carve out a life for me that is both satisfying, mentally healthy, and fun. 

The world changed over the last 18 months or so. Some people had a realization of what that means for them. I sure did and I was not alone in this; I had valued, trusted people who have taught me listened to me. Those same people have been patient when I fucked up and kind when I am sad.  There is not one of them that is not going through the same thing as I. They all look like they are leaving work behind and hitting the covid reset button

I think we collectively as a planet are going through this to one degree or another. But many more than you know are making substantial life changes.  This will probably continue to happen over the next year or two.  So when someone in your life says I’m leaving work behind and setting the covid reset, support them; they are sometimes scary and traumatic changes. But in the end, they will bring about a new world for that person who made the change and a more fantastic world for those whose lives they touch.

Why We Have to Change

We as human beings can’t keep existing like this. It is not healthy or fair. We should not have people who can’t afford to live or who can’t pay for food or healthcare.  

We also should not slave away doing jobs we hate inside buildings and institutions for our entire life, and for what?  If we are lucky, 10-15 years of free time. If we are fortunate, we will get that time, and we will have saved enough to follow our retirement dream and cover health issues and housing as we age. 

 A lifetime of struggle and depressing work to do things when we are old is not a reward; it is punishment.

 I do not think it an accident that seven years after I experienced the Boston Bombings and made life changes, this Covid Reset has set me continuing on the path of profound change I am now traveling.

 I intend to share all of my changes and adventures. This last month has solidified that I will be an activist, a lover of travel and food.  I will imbibe in a cocktail every so often. I will share it with you here because this is how I get it out.

I am also inviting you to join me.  Don’t wait!  Let’s make unforgettable memories now while we have our health.  Let us help people who need help, let’s be better to each other, and let’s fight those who think none of this is worth it.  Take a walk in the woods, listen to the earth: it’s all worth it!

Market Mondays: Rose & Marie Candles and Soap

Posted on June 7, 2021

The best part of finding locally made products at farmers’ markets is getting to use the products. Simple Trinity Clothing is the creator of this week’s Market Monday’s vendor Rose & Marie Candles and Soap. I knew right away Rose & Marie would be a feature on Market Monday because the smell was heavenly as I approached the booth.

My Kind Of candles and soaps

I found my kind of soaps and candles here. So many of Rose & Marie Candles and Soaps olfactory notes are of different foods and drinks. As you can see from the photo, I bought the Cherry Vanilla Candle and the Almond Biscotti soap. The candle is going right to the kitchen, and the soap is already on my body! My house smells fantastic, and so do I.

Market Mondays Rose & Marie

Simple Trinity clothing is a black woman-owned business. Started in 2016 with the idea of being a custom t-shirt company. Taneisha, the owner, fell in love with putting smiles on people’s faces. The company has grown now to include Rose & Marie. Where she can channel some of her amazing creativity into candles and soaps, she does so by drawing on the Trinity of Love, Faith, and Motivation. Hence her name Simple Trinity. You can tell at first whiff that these candles are made with love and attention. Like how food tastes better with love, clearly producing these candles and soaps is made better by Taneishas Trinity of Love, Faith, and Motivation!

You can find Taneisha at farmers’ markets and events around Columbus land or check her online shop here. I discovered her when I pulled up to my first Market in Whitehall. She and I are neighbors at the new Market on the Green in Whitehall. So come out and grab some spices from Tripping Vittles and visit this week’s Market Monday’s vendor Rose & Marie Candles and Soaps.

Hot Tip: Frozen Lemonade

Posted on June 4, 2021

Hot Tip: Frozen Lemonade made into ice cubes
Hot Tip is the new section of the blog where I see something or hear something, and I have to share it with you.
I may not be the original creator of the idea. If I am not, I will give credit to the best of my ability. I may expand on the original idea. But it will always be something I think is so hot that you have to know asap!

Today’s Hot Tip: Frozen lemonade ice cubes. I got tagged in a group on Facebook about freezing lemonade and serving it with bourbon. Pow!! Mind blown.
A while back, I did frozen Honey Water for cocktails, but I never thought to take it to this level!

Let’s blow this idea up a bit more and see what we get! I am a big fan of a few things: one lemonade, two flavored lemonade, three cocktails.

frozen lemonade cocktail
Port w/Lemonade Sphere
frozen ice cubes
Adult Cherry Limeade
Bourbon Cubes
Bourbon w/Lemonade Cubes

Let’s make this hot tip super easy. Head to the store and get Simply Lemonade or Paul Newmans Lemonade or frozen canisters. These are, in my opinion, the only acceptable alternative to homemade lemonade. Oh, throw in some limeade too. Any mixer that is not carbonated would work, pineapple, cranberry, orange; you get the idea.

Get yourself some ice cube trays, molds and makers. These are some of my favorites.

Freeze the beverages. Then simply drink the drinks. Cocktails are fabulous but so is mixing it up. Make strawberry lemonade cubes and limeade for a summer cool-down. Add Tequilla for a delicious twist on a margarita.

Let me see your hot tips tag me on the socials #trippingvittles

Must-Haves for Summer Entertaining: Condiments and Sauces

Posted on June 2, 2021

The unofficial start to summer happened this past Monday. Many of us broke out the grill for the first time in a long time. We may have had friends and family visit or talked about having a party soon. This summer is going to be no holds barred for fun and hanging out. We have spent a year building up to this unmasked unbridled fun.
This Series of must-haves for summer entertaining will show the easy, tasty, and fun ways to make the transition from Covid solo party palace to a host of friends and family in a raging never-ending good time! Finally, we have a year to make up for.

Let’s start the must-haves summer entertaining series with condiments and sauces. I cannot live without condiments and sauces, how about you? That may be a bit much, and I got a bit carried away; I can probably live if I don’t have condiments and sauces. But I would have a tough time going without sauces and condiments. The sauce makes the world go around. The following will make your summer go around and add a super refreshing change to the game in flavor profiles.

Must Haves Condiments and Sauces

This first one always causes a stir; people have all kinds of feelings! Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. I say have both! But this is where the feelings come in. There is no better Mayo than Dukes, Fight Me!

Click images to purchase.

These are listed in no particular order, but Ya gotta have Sriracha. I have talked about it a lot. I use it a lot. Check out this recipe for Sriracha Shrimp Cocktail. It is really great on top of a summer salad.

On the same lines as Sriracha is Go Chu Jang Sauce. Slightly different but just as delicious I love using this for spicy BBQ. There is also an awesome version that mixes the two sauces Sriracha and Go Chu Jang Together. Nummy!

Let’s talk, Mustard. You got your standard yellow mustard(Plochmans), Ya got your Brown Mustard(Guldens). Don’t forget Grey Poupon. The mustard I use more than any single one is Zatarain’s Creole Mustard.

BBQ Sauce. I like to make my own. But I also love some that come from the jar. You can make a quick meal as is, or you can kick them up a notch with some additional ingredients. Sweet Baby Rays Original is a great BBQ Sauce. But my money is on the Mambo! If ya have not had this stuff get some! It is delicious!

Salsa, it’s hard to pick just one. Green, red, fruity, hot, mild, peppery, sweet, sour. So many to choose from. I tend to make Pico De Gallio if I want tomato-based type salsa. I like the texture and how I can control the heat. But I go through jars of this one. Trader Joes Salsa Verde Makes life so easy. You can make this type of sales but why when you can buy this!

I could pick another 10-15 condiments or sauces that would be must-haves for summer entertaining, but I think this is the perfect six to get us on the way to a great summer filled with delicious food. Let me know your favorites in the comments.

Market Mondays: Green Onion Bratwurst

Posted on May 31, 2021

Today’s Market Monday is a little different; We will talk about Green Onion Bratwurst but first, Today is the day we remember all those that sacrificed in service to our nation. But, unfortunately, today is for those that did not come home. It does not go without notice by me what others have done to allow me to live the life I do.

Market Mondays

This day is also the unofficial start of the summer picnic and grilling season. Although summer does not arrive officially for another 21 days, that does not stop us from getting out and enjoying all this time of year has to offer. We have about four months if we are lucky of pure grilling bliss.
You don’t ever really have to put away the BBQ grills. I use my grill year-round, but then I did grow up in Minnesota, where those four months get cut back to two in some cases. So I guess what I am saying is grill like there is no other choice. If it’s food, ya can probably grill it!

Tier 3 Heritage Products Green Onion Bratwurst

This past week it was cold and windy for the market. But, even with the bad weather forecast, I could not pass up getting some Green Onion Bratwursts for grilling from one of my favorite vendors and two of my most favorite people Nelson and Merideth, from Tier 3 Heritage Products.

Tier3 is a small farm just north of Westerville by a few miles. Nelson and Merideth have Beef, and Pork and they do both tremendously well, so well that they have ruined me on most other pork products forever.

Market Mondays(MM) is not where I will go into lengthy explanations about things. Instead, MM is to highlight something I bought, call out the producers and share a recipe or two. But I would like to add here that Nelson is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever heard speak about farming. He is always happy to share his process and thoughts on the subject. So please, when you visit his booth, if you have a question, ask. You will be amazed at all you learn. On the other hand, if you cannot speak to Nelson face to face, please go to a local farmers market and find someone willing to share their knowledge. You and your belly will be better for it.

How should I cook the Brats?

It is a new product, a green onion bratwurst. If you are like me, you will have to sit a moment with that. Merideth gave me two tips about cooking this one. First, think Asian-inspired flavors, and two, do not be afraid to take these out of their casing.

With the idea of something Asian inspired in mind, I went to work. I love the flavors of Pho and Bánh mí Sandwiches. So I thought I would make a slaw using a little inspiration from both to top the Brats after grilling. If you have ever had the Sandwich Bánh mí, you will know the bread is very distinctive. I searched several places for the bread, but I settled for Hawaiian King hot dog buns on Sunday and short on time. Turns out the flavor of those buns was delicious. But next time I make these I will for sure have Bánh mí buns on hand. It would take this to the next level.

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green onion brats

Bánh mí Green Onion Bratwurst

  • Author: trippingvittles


Bánh mí Green Onion Bratwurst Served with a Pho inspired cole slaw.



For the Slaw

  • 2 cups of Slaw Mix with carrots
  • 1/2 English Cucumber peeled and sliced very thin
  • 1 teaspoon Sriracha
  • 1 Tablespoon Hoisin Sauce
  • Juice of half a lime
  • 1/4 cup Sour Cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon  Tripping Vittles Not Your Mamas Garlic Seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon Rice Wine Vinegar 

For Brats



Mix all ingredients for the slaw and sit for at least 1 hour. Before serving, mix it up well.

For the Brats, mix water and bouillon bring to a boil with brats in it. Cook for about 5-7 min. Remove from liquid and finish on the grill. 

Assemble the brats like any other. If you are not eating bread, just lay brat on a pile of coleslaw. 


I am adding a link here to the multi pack of Bouillion here. I love this stuff. It is as close to a restaurant product as you can get. Try all the flavors they are great.

Keywords: Green Onion Bratwurst , BanH mi Bratwurst

Restaurant Reviews Are on the Table

Posted on May 28, 2021

I have loved to write my entire life. However, I never took it really seriously. Until sometime in the late 90’s early 2000’s, I started writing restaurant reviews for my friends. Even then, it was something I did on the fly. I ate out a lot, every night almost for either business or pleasure. That left me a lot of restaurants to talk about. So instead of telling the same story about the evening to several friends, I started writing reviews.

What I did not realize is that my friends liked the reviews. Some of them even saved the reviews for many, many years. They know me very well; maybe they knew I would come to this place in my life.

Well, here I am. I took a class on blogging, and in the class, I had to ask people I trusted about my blog. Some took the time to give feedback, and well, that feedback was a little brutal but very helpful! It got me here, where I am now doing Tripping Vittles full time.
One of the things brought up and even requested was to update and bring back my restaurant reviews.

I had to think about it, and I read many of my old restaurant reviews that my dear friends had saved. And I concluded that, yep, reviews are something I can bring to Tripping Vittles. That I am already kind of doing this. Yet, I have never really highlighted just one restaurant.

The way I did reviews in the past fit with how I look at life now. It’s weird to realize I have always seen the world this way. I read nearly 20-year-old writing and I hear my voice as though I wrote it yesterday.

I’m not out to trash anyone’s dream; Remember hard work in the hospitality business is even harder with the onset of covid. But it would do us well to remember people are spending hard-earned money at these places. Be it Mcdonald’s or The French Laundry. I have been in this business for 38 years now. So I know a thing or two. But the really cool thing is I am still learning. Food preparation is a great equalizer. Even the most seasoned chef can learn something new! So I think I have the ability, after weathering the last 18 months, to do this industry and the people in it justice. While also being critical, but not for theater for fundamental ideas on improvement.

The positives out weight the negatives

There are more positives in the hospitality business than negatives. I cannot wait to tell you about those. I wrote and article when I left a long time job it is more clear now than ever that our industry is changing. Many changes are long overdue. I want to Look at how restaurant reviews are presented. Taking into account the kindness and empathy of how difficult a restaurant job is will be part of my review process.


I thought I would share my most favorite restaurant review out of the ones I wrote. This experience was one of my top 5 most amazing meals of my entire life. It is from around Mothers day 2003. It gives a pretty good idea of what to expect when I do an actual review. If you have a restaurant you would love for me to review, let me know in the comments. Keep an eye out for my first restaurant review coming soon. until then, enjoy this bit of history.

Restaurant Review: Les Nomad

I am not going to mince any words this was some of the best food I have ever eaten. Period!!! It is also one of the stuffiest, snobby and Full of hot air restaurants I have ever been to. The service at dinner was technically impeccable, but the whole meal felt like the Stepford waiters were serving us.

First the food and Drink, Cocktails to start. I was excited I was sure I could get a great gimlet here and I was correct I just could not get a tequila gimlet, for they have no tequila. Now I realize there was a time when tequila was a poor mans drink and there for it was not part of the bar at this former private dining club but they are no longer a private dining club and tequila comes in all forms and price ranges. It is no longer just a poormans drink. I ordered a Grey Goose Vodka Gimlet and when delivered and it was perfect. As was the Sidecar and the Makers Mark Manhattan.

Dinner comes in a Prix Fixe four or five-course option. Five course is both fish and meat courses, there were only three fish choices and none of them grabbed us so we went with the four course option. We all decided to do something different with each choice in order to experience as much of Chef Roland Liccioni food as possible. So let me break it down for you…  Imagine starting with a creme puff filled with a Fois Gras Mousse over a radish vinaigrette salad just to get the palate working….

Les Hor d’oeuvre (appetizer) : For the table we did Duo of Poached Lobster and Marinated Smoked Salmon, with warm potato salad. This dish was exquisite a 3-D painting on a plate with plump juicy lobster and a wonderful fillet of smoky salmon. The potato salad was a nice little concoction of fingerling potatoes and a light dressing. Next was a Terrine of Smoked Salmon, Roasted Salmon, Seared Tuna and Alaskan Crab, with a ginger dill emulsion and dill sauce. This was another marvelous dish the Terrine was in the shape of a pyramid with each layer looking like a color from the four food groups chart. If only we could live on these four sea creatures alone. Last but not least came Sauteed Foie Gras, vadalia onion, rhubarb and port wine sauce. OH MY GOD!!! This was so decadent I have no other words….

Le Potages et Les Salades (soup & salad): Again, a course to share. Cappuccino of Asparagus Soup Garnished with Lobster. This was wonderful, but those of you that know my friend Charlott and those very few of you that have tasted her Asparagus soup note, hers is better. One of only two specials offered in the evening was one of our choices.

A warm asparagus salad with fresh fava beans and yellow beets with a dressing of foam, yep he is up on the trends. The asparagus was full of flavor and blanched just enough to bring out the beautiful spring colors of this wonderful vegetable. Roasted Beets and baby greens with Roquefort cheese & walnut terrine, balsamic herb dressing. was the last of the salads. Tender and delicious beets with a sweet and tart mix of spring greens the terrine of cheese and walnuts were terrific and went magnificently with the beets…

Les Viandes et Les Volailles(Meat & Game): The meat course for us was a no brainier, My Mom got the Duo Roasted Rack and Stuffed Loin of Lamb with tomato tart, quinoa, and lamb jus. Cooked rare and served tender and stuffed with flavor. This was a magnificent dish, not complicated just outstanding simple food.

Tara had the Roasted Breast of Duck and Duck Leg Confit, French Lentils, butternut squash and duck jus scented with curry. Quack, Quack, is duck for this dish rocked!!! Medium Rare and Astonishingly tender duck breast served with just a hint of curry to the rich au jus.

I was served Roasted Loin of Venison Rossini, braised cabbage, fresh chestnut, with sauce poivrade scented with mole. A carnivore’s dream. Rare venison tender and juicy. The Rossini is a thin slice of Foie Gras laid on top of the venison to add a little fat for moisture. The cabbage was full of nutty flavor and cooked to perfection. The sauce was rich and brown with the slightest tease of mole on the tongue. Simply incredible. We had a full-flavored plum and berry Merlot, year 2000 from the Duckhorn winery. Very nice with the meats we were eating…

Les Fromages et Les Desserts(Cheese & Dessert): Being that we have Wisconsin blood coursing thru our veins we requested a cheese plate for the table in addition to our dessert course. The cheese plate with a Goats cheese, Cows cheese, sheep’s cheese and a creamy concoction of potently explosive cheese. It smelled to high heaven but the taste was so rich and strong it blew up the taste buds. It also came with sliced Gala apples and a lovely nut raisin bread.

We used the last of our red wine to wash the cheese down and ordered a glass of dessert wine 2000 Coteaux du Layon De Sainte Catharine Domaine des Baumard Loire, light crisp not to viscous with a sweet but not to sweet finish. For the table we did the Trio of Creme Brulee-Chocolate, Vanilla and Grand Marnier They were yummy and they should be since this is one of the easiest desserts in the world to make. Mille-feuille, pear sabayon, fresh berries, frozen pear mousse, Carmel ice cream, and Carmel apricot sauce. This was an interesting dish with so many crazy flavors it was difficult to get a grasp on. The pastry was golden brown, dry and sweet. It went well with all the sauces and flavors.

Classic Souffle flavored with Grand Marnier. This was the best souffle that has ever crossed my lips, big fluffy and golden on top, no hint of falling here then a warm liquid was poured inside to give a succulent mouth watering orange flavor to this delectable dessert…

I was awed by the food and now comes the shocking part. This is one of the most uninviting non-fun places to dine I have ever been to.

  “In keeping with Les Nomades Tradition of civilized dining, and in consideration of other guests please maintain a subdued voice level, No cell phones, cameras or smoking in the dining room. Sales tax and gratuity are not reflected in the menu price-gratuity maybe added.” 

Now this is not all bad I love the no cell phone and no smoking thing. I hate cell phones in restaurants and when eating this kind of food I do not want the flavors over run by smoke. But the whole civilized dining thing totally turned me off. If you are paying five hundred plus dollars for a meal trust me you are not uncivilized, or are you. See I think civility has its stages and I have met some very rich uncivilized nasty human beings. Subdued voices do not equate civility either.

This is a rich persons place where sadly not many people are actually digging how damn amazing this food really is. The servers are so busy being perfect servers/servents there is no indication that they are having fun or even like working here. There is no conversation between the tables and the staff and when asked questions they can become overly snobby, especially when explaining how the Prix Fixe menu works.

When we talked to the servers they were surprised and even shocked that we acknowledged them and even more surprised we wanted their opinions. As for subduded,your surroundings dictate that you will not go here and be doing shots and dancing on the tables, but this was so fantastic food wise I would have loved to shout it at the top of my lungs. I had to be civilized though and keep it to myself… 

Here is my hope that a whole bunch of young foodies over run this place. Get dressed up goto Les Nomades and eat this amazing food. Drink the wonderful wines. Tell your servers you love it. Ask them questions, show them you want to know about this food. Talk at the table in regular voices most of which should be heard in the kitchen. cause this is one of maybe 2-3 restaurants in the city cooking this kind of high level gourmet cuisine. You will be blown away.

I know this is a young foodies dream and they have enough business from regular civilized people that Roland and Mary Beth Liccioni can continue to do this as long as they have the passion. But I am one uncivilized girl who totally was thrilled by the food at this restaurant and very uninspired by the atmosphere….So because I write the reviews, I am giving two scores
Food and stuff you put in your mouth: 4-Holy Crap! ya can’t beat that
Service and atmosphere, surroundings and such: 1- alrighty! This was good.

Lauri Jones Review 2003 , Les Nomade,s222 E Ontario,Chicago, IL 312-649-9010

That is my original unedited restaurant review. You get the idea of how I may do this. Overall going out should be fun. I hope you join me in having a great time with food and drink on this journey.

Day-Tripping: A Visit to Granville Ohio

Posted on May 26, 2021

Day-Tripping: A Visit to Granville Ohio
Granville is a cute little town about 22 miles east of Columbus. It is home to Denison University and filled with fun things to do.

If you live in the central Ohio area, it is a perfect spot for Day-tripping. However, if you are in other parts of Ohio or surrounding states, this could quickly go from a Day Trip to a weekend getaway. There is plenty to do for a weekend. So visit. It’s worth it.

I started coming to Granville before I even moved to Ohio. The Granville Inn was a stop for Prime Rib and as close to Wisconsin supper club food as I could get. The Inn received an update since my first visits, and they have changed their menu a bit. I have not visited the Inn lately, so check the Inn out and let me know how it is if you decide to overnight.

There is also a beautiful farmers market in town, that is the other reason I would go to Granville. It is Saturday mornings from May into October. It is not a weekday Day-tripping getaway, but I think we can make an exception!

I just recently saw Granville in a whole new light. The sunny brightness of a Day-Trip. We took off for Day-tripping in Granville Ohio on a Thursday morning, and we followed all the rules for a good day trip. If you are unclear of the rules, check them out here—day tripping.

As Granville is home to Denison University, and as such, there are a few cool things the public can use that are Denisons. For example, we utilized the Denison University Biological Reserve.
It was a wonderful place to hike and talk. There were cool, exciting things to see, from the marsh to several ponds and a 10-acre solar farm.
I love going to the woods. Fantastic bird watching. I don’t get the whole bird thing. They fly away! I am the only one in my family who does not spend money feeding birds to look at birds.
I prefer deer, and there were plenty of those. All around, it was a great place to spend a few hours in nature, especially in the spring when the forest is coming alive.

When done hiking, we headed back into the little town of Granville to grab lunch and shop. There are several options to choose from for food, but I will tell you to get to Day Y Noche. Since moving here from Chicago, I have had some of the best Mexican food and flat out the best Margarita since I would belly up to the bar at Frontera Grill and drink more Rick Bayless margaritas than a human should.

The food is excellent. The Potatoe Tacos were perfect. My partner in day-tripping got stupendous enchiladas! We enjoyed the chips and salsa over a cocktail to start the meal off.

A note about salsa and chips if you are looking to burn your mouth with fire hot salsa, you probably will not like it when I say a particular salsa is excellent. I think a chip dunking salsa, green or red, should be tangy. The heat should never cover the taste of the ingredients, whatever they are, onion, cilantro, tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapenos, salt pepper. The perfect chip salsa blends all those ingredients with a slight tangy spice. It lets you taste all the layers. Layers of flavor are what makes Mexican food so outstanding.

Let us talk about the Margarita!! Damn, it was great. I opted to add the Pineapple and Cilantro. On the rocks with 1800 Cuervo. There are some expensive and great tequilas out there, but I will stress 1800 Cuervo is perfect for this type of Margarita! If you visit Day Y Noche and drink just one, you have more willpower than I do!

When we finished eating our delicious meal, we headed across the street for Bookstore time! Listen, I love Amazon as much as the next guy they deliver to your door in a day or two. But there is no charm and no smell of books; you can’t touch them and turn the pages. And no one will talk about books with you. Amazon has no personality.

I should warn you there will be many a time Day-Tripping ends in a book store visit. When you are out and about, buy books from small independent book stores. They make for a fun afternoon, and you can find wonderful treasures in bookstores.

There is a time and place for Amazon, but please support small bookstores whenever you can. Enjoy the peace and relaxation of shopping for books locally.

That all said, the bookstore Readers Garden in Granville is cute; they have a selection of new and gently used books. And I left with a book I had wanted to read! Nomadland by Jessica Bruder. (If you don’t have a favorite local books store, click that link and buy the book from Amazon; this would be the time and place). They also have a collection of Chachkies that are book or reading-related. It’s just a neat little store.

We accomplished all that in about 4 hours. It was the perfect weekday escape.

So that is our first Day-Tripping blog, folks. I love day tripping. I will write about it, and I can’t wait to share it.

If you are local and have been to Granville, what are some of your favorite spots?

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Market Mondays: Princess Pineapple Coconut Jam

Posted on May 24, 2021

Market Mondays, Royal Cottage Princess Pineapple Coconut Jam This is our First Market Mondays of the 2021 Farmers Market season.

Royal Cottage is one of my favorite Vendors. Katherine is super friendly, and her creativity when it comes to jams, butter and chutneys is next level. In addition, she is a black woman-owned business. She uses the freshest of ingredients. You can taste the love that goes into her products.
I find a kinship with Katherine in that her business has also suffered the same ups and downs of the Covid glass shortage, and it is still complicated to navigate these waters. So remember, if she is out of something, be kind these are challenging times for little producers. Also, if you are already a customer, do her a solid and bring back her glass jars when you finish her delicious products. You have no idea how this could help out a small business.

I wish I could do what she does. The ability to get the flavors of the items she creates layered so ideally is an art. Her Strawberry Jalapeno Jam, you can taste both flavors equally; neither overpowers the other. It is magical.
But the item I’m here today to tell you about is her new Princess Pineapple Coconut Jam. It is in one word wonderful!
The pineapple takes the lead, but then you get this lovely coconut to follow through. I ate it on toast to start.

Princess Pineapple Coconut Jam

When I tasted it, I knew I had something fun to make, in mind that goes with the hot day we are enduring and a BBQ grill. I had a Tier 3 heritage products( also a market vendor in Westerville) pork tenderloin, so the marinading commenced.

Super Easy Princess Pineapple Coconut Marinade
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pineapple marinade

Super Easy Pineapple Coconut Marinade

  • Author: trippingvittles


You can use this marinade on pork or chicken. The marinade can also be cooked down for a dip or glaze. It would go great with egg rolls or wontons.



1/2 Jar Royal Cottage Princess Pineapple Coconut Jam

2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce

Juice of a large Lime or 2 small lime

1/2 cup chicken stock or water either works.

1/4 Lemonade or Limeade

1 clove of Garlic Mashed

1.5 Teaspoons Tripping Vittles Spicy Pineapple Express Seasoning Blend


For a marinade put meat in a bag with all ingredients and let sit a few hours to overnight.

For a dip or glaze bring to a boil reduce liquid by no more than a 1/4 it will thicken as it cools. If it gets to think thin out with water a teaspoon at a time.


You will soon be able to buy Tripping Vittles Spicy Pineapple Blend on Line; you can find it at several Farmer’s Markets around town.  But if you do not have it add a squirt or two of sriracha for the spice.

I suggest making a batch to marinade with and a batch to baste the meat with.

I served this with some sticky rice. I finally found something to cook in my instapot! But that is a story for another time—the trials and tribulations of owning an instapot.

Be sure you check out the Facebook and Instagram pages of Royal Cottage to see if they are at a farmers market near you. If you are not in Ohio, follow this link to their website and get you some!

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Introducing: Market Mondays

Posted on May 23, 2021

Hi Readers! I want to introduce Market Mondays a new and what will be an ongoing series. I will share a find from one of the farmer’s markets where I am a vendor. Then, I will show you one or two ways to use my discovery and link to the item’s producer, where if they sell online, you can purchase direct. So be sure to tell them Tripping Vittles sent you.

Introducing : Market Mondays

Sharing other producers’ items keeps with what I had initially planned for Tripping Vittles all those years ago. Shopping local is essential but equally important is shopping American Made Products, Minority-Owned Businesses, LGBTQIA+ businesses. Also, look for environmentally conscious and socially conscious shops.

Working together, uplifting each other Market Mondays are for collaboration

The idea is collaboration, Lifting each other. Helping each other. If not for another of my co-market businesses, I may have never jumped at doing Tripping Vittles full time. They have shared info and mentored me on how to do this. I am learning because of a fellow vendor. There is room for all of us in this world; uplifting each other is far more enjoyable than tearing each other down.

Why Shop Small or Local

Certain things about shopping local/small businesses do for the world where the goods shine through. Market Mondays hope to help highlight the wonders of small business. More than likely, your small hand-produced products don’t have Palm oil. That’s good for the Rain Forest. If you want to know about small beef, pork, or chicken production, you can speak with your farmer face to face. Some will even let you visit their farm. The more local shopping and small business shopping we do, the more local businesses hire people—job creation. Money stays in the community. These are just a few things about shopping small and or local have been brought to my attention. There are tons more; share your reasons why in the comments.

See you tomorrow for For the first Market Mondays

Starting tomorrow, Market Mondays! I cannot wait for you to see the find I made this week. I will tell you it is delicious!