Summers Over: What’s Next for Tripping Vittles?

Summers Over: What’s Next for Tripping Vittles?

Summers Over: What’s Next for Tripping Vittles

I can not believe that Summer is over, and I am back at school cooking food for middle schoolers. I’m still soaking in how awesome it was and planning what’s next for Tripping Vittles.

I know now it will take some time to flush out how to present the trips I made. If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that I made two extensive trips, one around Lake Huron and one to Montana and Glacier National Park.

Lake Huron was an adventure with my mom, who is in her early 80s. It was an extraordinary adventure and one I want to share with you. There were some really special highlights, and we will be going over those this fall, so you all have time to plan your Lake Huron getaways for next year!

Lake Superior Circle Tour

We have already started planning the Lake Superior Circle tour as the first trip after school lets out. Have you done the tour? This is one I am looking very forward to. I grew up in Minnesota, and we went to Duluth and points north often, but I have not been since I was a kid.

The second trip of the summer was incredible, and I thought a trip of a lifetime. But I am already planning on returning next summer for an extended road trip around Wyoming and Montana. This trip had some challenges, as shown in the video below.

A Sad Day

Yes, I lost my beloved Marie the Escape to a flying deer. I have replaced her with Hope the Bronco. Another exciting aspect of getting Hope the Bronco is that I have gotten the opportunity to work with an incredible queer woman-owned business just like myself called SisuCampers. Follow the link and give a follow as you will get to see what we will do to Hope the Bronco to get me ready for all my adventures.

I have many other things in the works for Tripping Vittles and beyond. There will be some changes after the first of the year and some really exciting adventures.

I am always open to suggestions, so drop a comment below and let me know where you want to see my adventures take me.