Welcome to the new Tripping Vittles site!

Welcome to the New Tripping Vittles Website!

If you have followed along on social media, you will know I have had this Tripping Vittles Dream for years. I write and share because I like to write and share my adventures. I created my spice company, Tripping Vittles, because I have dreamed of doing so since I lived in Chicago and met some incredible people who sold spices and taught me how spices could be the root of work life. Spice is more than a flavor. It is an essence. Anthony Bourdain was The person I admired most in my professional world and who had an essence for seeing the world in a spicy way. He was a kitchen rat, a traveler, and an observer of all things food. And how food affected everything from relationships to politics.
Welcome to the new tripping vittles site it will be a little different than that of the past. There will be no restaurant reviews. The only recipes will be those associated with my spice blends. My writing will be about my travels and my experiences in the world. The things I use to make travel and life easier and more fun Tripping Vittles is a business in being a business there are some things I must share so that everyone is aware of them for legal reasons.

The first topic is that I may share a link to a business or product, and I may get some $ money to do so. I also may not get paid.

For example, I will talk about the ice cream adventure to Nelsons in St. Paul, Minnesota, for years to come. We had 37 scoops of ice cream, and it was a blast. I think you all should go there. They did not pay me to say that. I have loved Nelsons my entire life. We would go on toulies(Sunday car rides) to Stillwater, Minnesota, and get the bubblegum-flavored ice cream! I won’t get a dime for this, but go to Nelsons!
I may also include links to web pages, products, or my Amazon Influencer page. There is a possibility I will make some cash if you buy something on the Amazon page. The deal with this page is everything on it is something I use and believe in. It’s not filled with junk. It is the products I use in cooking, traveling, and adventure.
This is another way I could also make some money, from companies that have chosen me to represent their products. I am always looking for sponsors and support. In doiing so I may get a free product to use and review. I reserve the right to give honest reviews in these cases. If it’s crap, I will tell you it’s crap.

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Lastly, if you like what I do, follow me on all the media. Please share both posts and articles. Check out our ever-growing market.

Lastly, I know some of you loved my restaurant reviews. I do not feel those should continue on a business page. But keep your eyes open. I may be doing something for fun and will share about restaurants shortly. I love telling folks where to eat and if it’s good or bad.

Most importantly, Eat, Drink, and Travel because life is an adventure.