How to Use the Proper Onion

How to use the proper onion

Onions, there are so many kinds to choose from how do you know which onion to use? This post will show you how to use the proper onion. It will also give you some tips and ideas on how to make onion prep easy.

I have compiled a quick graphic that you can reference while making a shopping list, doing meal prep, or spending time in the grocery store. I will say this in most cases it will not matter if you interchange some of these, your dish will not have to be tossed in the trash bin or fed to the dog.

Do not feed me onions I could puke or die

Leia Jones~Adventure Dog

The dish you make will just be elevated when using the proper onion if your recipe does not state the exact onion(many do not). Refer to this chart.

How to Properly Use Onions

The other thing most people become very concerned about when dealing with the onion is the whole process of cutting and crying, crying and slicing, chopping and crying. You get the idea, how do you stop crying when doing anything with onions. In addition, how can you make it you don’t smell like a big onion when you go home.

We had a few tricks in the restaurant business. If you wear contacts, it is far less likely you cry while slicing onions, a piece of bread stuck to the top of your mouth was another restaurant tale. Rubbing your hands with something stainless while washing them and then rubbing the outside of a lemon tended to do wonders for the smell.

The following are all the things I use at home to make Onion prep easy and as painless as possible. Just click the link to pick up what you need for your kitchen.

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