Introducing: Market Mondays

Market Mondays

Hi Readers! I want to introduce Market Mondays a new and what will be an ongoing series. I will share a find from one of the farmer’s markets where I am a vendor. Then, I will show you one or two ways to use my discovery and link to the item’s producer, where if they sell online, you can purchase direct. So be sure to tell them Tripping Vittles sent you.

Introducing : Market Mondays

Sharing other producers’ items keeps with what I had initially planned for Tripping Vittles all those years ago. Shopping local is essential but equally important is shopping American Made Products, Minority-Owned Businesses, LGBTQIA+ businesses. Also, look for environmentally conscious and socially conscious shops.

Working together, uplifting each other Market Mondays are for collaboration

The idea is collaboration, Lifting each other. Helping each other. If not for another of my co-market businesses, I may have never jumped at doing Tripping Vittles full time. They have shared info and mentored me on how to do this. I am learning because of a fellow vendor. There is room for all of us in this world; uplifting each other is far more enjoyable than tearing each other down.

Why Shop Small or Local

Certain things about shopping local/small businesses do for the world where the goods shine through. Market Mondays hope to help highlight the wonders of small business. More than likely, your small hand-produced products don’t have Palm oil. That’s good for the Rain Forest. If you want to know about small beef, pork, or chicken production, you can speak with your farmer face to face. Some will even let you visit their farm. The more local shopping and small business shopping we do, the more local businesses hire people—job creation. Money stays in the community. These are just a few things about shopping small and or local have been brought to my attention. There are tons more; share your reasons why in the comments.

See you tomorrow for For the first Market Mondays

Starting tomorrow, Market Mondays! I cannot wait for you to see the find I made this week. I will tell you it is delicious!