It’s Hot!!

It’s hot and humid out and all I could think of is something cold and refreshing.. Lemonade!  plus something to take the edge off a long week of stressful BS from all that is going on in the world ,  the country and the hot kitchen I work in.  I just wanted a little whiskey to accomplish  that………Hummmm how do I make that all come together? How about Taking  Lemonade and adding some Celtic Honey an Irish Whiskey Liqueur….Oh Yeah that works!! Its my version of” Calgon take me away”.

Whiskey Honey Lemonade

Whiskey Honey Lemonade

  • 2 oz Celtic Honey Whiskey.. Several are out there from the one in picture to the honey Jack Daniels just ask at your liquor store.
  • Lemonade..I could give you a recipe but lets be honest its hot and no one wants to squeeze lemons just buy your favorite  brand mine is Paul Newmans.

I like to make this in a 12 oz mason jar filled with ice.add 2 oz of the whiskey and the rest lemonade cover and shake.

Cheers to beating the heat this weekend.