Leaving Work Behind and Setting the Covid Reset

This past month has been a rollercoaster.  There is a separate post coming on that. But it is incredible to me how many people want to confront me about my choice of Leaving past work behind and carving out a new life for myself. I call it the Covid Reset  

This idea that there are millions of people just watching TV and eating BonBons is insulting.

You can all find the same articles to read (hundreds have been published) about why this is happening today, but I will say  I’m not lying around collecting government dollars. I’m trying to carve out a life for me that is both satisfying, mentally healthy, and fun. 

The world changed over the last 18 months or so. Some people had a realization of what that means for them. I sure did and I was not alone in this; I had valued, trusted people who have taught me listened to me. Those same people have been patient when I fucked up and kind when I am sad.  There is not one of them that is not going through the same thing as I. They all look like they are leaving work behind and hitting the covid reset button

I think we collectively as a planet are going through this to one degree or another. But many more than you know are making substantial life changes.  This will probably continue to happen over the next year or two.  So when someone in your life says I’m leaving work behind and setting the covid reset, support them; they are sometimes scary and traumatic changes. But in the end, they will bring about a new world for that person who made the change and a more fantastic world for those whose lives they touch.

Why We Have to Change

We as human beings can’t keep existing like this. It is not healthy or fair. We should not have people who can’t afford to live or who can’t pay for food or healthcare.  

We also should not slave away doing jobs we hate inside buildings and institutions for our entire life, and for what?  If we are lucky, 10-15 years of free time. If we are fortunate, we will get that time, and we will have saved enough to follow our retirement dream and cover health issues and housing as we age. 

 A lifetime of struggle and depressing work to do things when we are old is not a reward; it is punishment.

 I do not think it an accident that seven years after I experienced the Boston Bombings and made life changes, this Covid Reset has set me continuing on the path of profound change I am now traveling.

 I intend to share all of my changes and adventures. This last month has solidified that I will be an activist, a lover of travel and food.  I will imbibe in a cocktail every so often. I will share it with you here because this is how I get it out.

I am also inviting you to join me.  Don’t wait!  Let’s make unforgettable memories now while we have our health.  Let us help people who need help, let’s be better to each other, and let’s fight those who think none of this is worth it.  Take a walk in the woods, listen to the earth: it’s all worth it!