Little Surprises

I have been very busy making plans for Tripping Vittles. I have taken some classes on line, I have enlisted the help of friends who know more than I about this big internet world.  Part of the plan is to set a schedule and stick to it.

That said I had a plan for today but I want to share something special all the way from Russia instead.

I have a friend who travels to Russia on a regular basis for business and jokingly I asked her to bring me back some Beluga Caviar.  Beluga Caviar is the rarest and most expensive here in the US, I found 2oz on line for $249. It is from The Caspian Sea and Russia and Iran are the main suppliers. Now in my wild Russian dreams I see this delicacy  on every table set with food and drink waiting for me to indulge on. In reality it is expensive in Russia  and not easily transported via commercial airlines. I am forever grateful to Kelley for checking and trying to indulge my Russian Caviar fantasy. I will continue to enjoy the Sturgeon and Salmon Roe I was taught to love by my parents.

The Little Surprises I did receive from Russia are Chocolate candies filled with Vodka. As most of you know the Russians take their Vodka seriously. These candies were no exception. I am sure you all are familiar with the little chocolate bottles you get here filled with Baileys or Kaluha they vaguely taste like what the booze they say they are. You would die of chocolate poisoning way before you got even a little baby Buzz!

That is far from the case with these Russian Vodka filled wonders. There is nearly a tablespoon full of Vodka goodness in each candy.  Now near as I can figure you have plain Vodka, Lemon Lime Vodka and Cranberry Vodka. It states the flavors on the box in english but the real explanation is in Russian. Honestly though I do not need to know Russian to know these are awesome!! All the chocolates are the same dark and rich with a hint of bitter. The really cool thing is that inside the chocolate is a sugar shell that keeps the vodka sealed in and sweet when you eat it.


I cannot thank Kelley enough for thinking of me when she was in Russia This was one of the best little surprises I have ever gotten from Russia!!!