World's Best Hot Chocolate

How to Make the World’s Best Hot Chocolate

We have all had Hot Chocolate but do you know How to Make the World’s Best? Read on and I will tell you my secret for Hot Chocolate so creamy and delicious you will never look at Hot Cocoa the same again.

World’s Best Hot Chocolate

Ok, Ok that statement is a bit subjective. World’s Best its a view-point that is difficult to verify because I have not had all the Hot Chocolate in the world, though I have tried! But I also write the blog so my opinion counts for something and for this its saying this is the World’s best Hot Chocolate.

What do you need to make the World’s Best Hot Chocolate

First the desire. I realize some would prefer coffee or hot tea but seriously when cold weather comes and you are making snow men or sledding down hills or just sitting reading a book there is something extra special about a cup of cocoa.

Second You need good ingredients. Over the years I have played with all kinds of chocolate powders and grated chocolate.  I have finally come to the conclusion that the Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa is the only one to use. The rest of the ingredients  are  easy they consist of whole milk and NESTLE COFFEE-MATE Original Powder Coffee Creamer .

Ingredients for Hot Chocolate

[tasty-recipe id=”1976″]

Lets talk about toppings

You may be a marshmallow kind of person. That is totally cool!! I love marshmallows but when it comes to cocoa I like whipped cream, homemade with a hint a vanilla!  The following is my recipe for vanilla laced whipped cream. It is my perfect topping on cocoa but it is also great on desserts. I use this exact recipe to top my pumpkin cheesecake.

[tasty-recipe id=”1981″]

Let’s Make the best of winter and drink some Hot Cocoa.  Cheers to you and Yours Have a Happy Holiday Season!