Mom & Me

It has been a whirl wind 3-4 months. My mom has completed her recovery and I have taken her home so she can start planting her garden.

Mom Harvesting Rhubarb

I look forward to the harvest come fall ,last year I was gifted with Spaghetti and Butternut Squash, Garlic, Tomatoes, Peppers of various shapes and sizes each year is a new surprise. I am especially grateful for any veggie bounty I get because my mother and sister were gifted with green thumbs and I was not.

It was a great chance to spend time with my mom. It has been 30 years since we lived under the same roof other than an occasional vacation trip or visit for a weekend. The best thing to come out of this other than her getting better from her surgery is that we are going to do this each year. What that means for Tripping Vittles is a fun companion to check out restaurants and markets with. The woman who taught me so much about food will continue to share her knowledge and stories with me and then I will get to share them with you. I had thought this last visit would produce many of those things but recovery took a front seat and we did more of that than playing or cooking.

Though we did find time for a few little experiments in the kitchen and I will share those with you in some future posts. You will be seeing some changes with Tripping Vittles in the coming months I have a vision that is more than me just writing an occasional blog entry. I am not a review site though sometimes it may come across in my writing my deep love or loathing of something. I want this to be a place I share the beauty of food with you a place where together we discover new things. I have spent 30 plus years in the food business in one form or another and one of the things I love about it is you never stop learning. I want to Travel and share what I see and do with you. I want to be able to offer you the ability to use the products I use and hear the music I hear.

I shared all of these visions with my mom while we had coffee each morning bouncing ideas off of her. I got unwavering support from her and her patented “go for it”. So today Monday , May 23rd I am going for it. Please stick with me thru the changes and anytime you can share with friends or on Facebook please do so. Follow me over at Instagram Tripping Vittles  I am on Pinterest so pin your favorite recipes and follow me for additional content Pinterest Tripping Vittles  and last but not least don’t forget to follow my twitter feed where I will be live tweeting about things I am doing and places I will be.Twitter Tripping Vittles

Today is about sharing and about saying Thank you to my awesome Mom!! She is the best support I have. This is going to just keep getting better!! Thank you all my friends, family and followers you have been along for the trip and I cannot wait to continue Tripping with you.