Mushrooms, Shrimp and Coming Back to it all.

Do you ever get so mired down in life that you start to forget about all the things you have planned. 

I have been learning a lot about for lack of a better word programing my Tripping Vittles site.  I am learning about adding links and connections ,setting up monetization, opening an on line store, improving photography , writing more better(hehehe see what I did there)anyway in all of that I have actually forgot to create any new content.  The most important thing is getting people reading and following my site. Having you all on this journey with me.  I somewhere in all the technical minutia of learning things I left behind the most important thing. Content!

Sundays are usually my days off yesterday started like any other I walked the dogs see shameless dog photos…..fullsizeoutput_930

Adorable Dog!!

I came home went to do a load of laundry and WHAT!!!!!! my basement filling with water from a hose at the top of the hot water tank spurting a geyser of hot water into the air.  Swear words commence towels are thrown calls to people who may know about this start. 5 hours later the water is cleaned up the hot water tank is shut down and an appointment for it to be fixed is set.

Moving on to helping a friend set up her kitchen in her new home. Its fun to do that and to discuss what she will be making using her new range…Gets me thinking why have you not cooked lately Lauri?? Why does your fridge and cabinets look like you have been rationing for war?? That thought is quickly put out of my mind as I get a text about going to a dinner party last evening.

There will be 7 will you bring the salad. Yes of course I will bring the salad….Oh no!! this means I have to run to the grocery for salad as I said earlier my cupboards look like Old Mother Hubbards place. I have a stand by salad I have been eating it since I was a kid as my mom  made it for us. I call it garlic salad but It is very much like an original cesar salad without anchovies and it is not creamy. I should have taken a photo of it last night but at meal time I was not really thinking about Tripping Vittles. So there will be no recipe today because I was not thinking about it.

We had steaks and green beans along with the garlic salad. It was a fantastic meal…. The appetizers were what stuck with me after I left. I did take photos of these in my head it was to post to Instagram. Instead I am using them here today not because I have recipes to go along with them but because they are what brought me back to thinking about content for Tripping Vittles. These two appetizers and the conversation that followed later in the evening after a few moscow mules got me.


Button mushrooms stuffed with sausage, cream cheese, parmesan and broiled. It is so simple and yet so magnificent.


Skewered shrimp sprinkled with seasoning laid on the grill basted with teriyaki sauce and cooked to tender perfection.

They were made with love…food is love it can bridge a gap to other cultures. It can cross political lines, it can unite races. Food is so powerful and last night with my friends telling me about their recent travels to the west coast and talking about eating an amazing cheeseburger in a little town in northern Ohio. I got to thinking about my original thought of what Tripping Vittles was supposed to be. Over cake we started to talk about road trips and making one together driving places we have never been stopping and talking to people we may not have ever met. This is Tripping Vittles its my vision and yet I was mired in life I had kinda forgotten the original purpose.

I laid in bed last night wondering how quickly I  drifted off my path. That I had no food to cook in my kitchen and no recipes to share and I could not make another post. I fell asleep thinking about how I could go on a long road trip and still afford to pay my rent and keep my job that pays my rent. I had dreams about doing just that traveling down the road seeing things ,eating things, sharing things.

Maybe there was something in those mushrooms and shrimp that got me thinking again…Yes I have to learn how to do all I want to with this site but I also have to find a way to share and create content. I woke up this morning saying oh Lauri you don’t have a recipe prepared and you still have not finished the class on affiliates you should do that. Then I had an epiphany write!! all the other stuff will come, write!!. Even if it sucks Write!! You may not have much to say write!! It might not come out exactly how you want it write!!

So I wrote.