Picnic Fun: Uptown Lunchbox Concert Series

We have this really cool thing that is happening this summer in front of city hall. Lunchbox Concerts sponsored by The Arts Council of Westerville, The City of Westerville and Uptown Inc. They take place for an hour and a half on Tuesdays from 11:30-1 pm. It is guaranteed Picnic Fun at the Uptown Lunchbox Concert Series.

You bring a blanket or grab a chair. Eat lunch picnic style. You can bring your own or Jave Central has some really wonderful box lunches for $15. you get a sandwich Italian soda and chips.

I don’t know about you but I love a good picnic. I was reminded of all the fun concerts I saw when I lived in Chicago at Ravinia We always brought all we needed to those shows. We had quite the setup it made a picnic fun. It was also great to take to the beach or to the dunes.

It has been a long time since I set out to picnic. I camp and I visit food trucks but I have not done a picnic for a long time. So I dug out one of my favorite cookbooks on picnicking by Diane MacMillian The Portable Feast has lists for the best items to have while picnicking and it has recipes that are delicious.

In addition, the book is filled with delicious quotes about food, drink, life, and love.

“Sans pain, sans vin, l’amour n’est rien!”

(Without bread, without wine, love is nothing)

~French Proverb

Picnic Fun The Set Up

How do you picnic? The following are some of my favorite items to make life easy when taking food to a concert like the uptown concert series in Westerville or Ravinia in Chicago or any number of fun local to you destinations.

Picnic Basket/Backpack with everything you need.

Those items will get you stared down the path of picnic time. We still have many days left before winter comes a calling. Get outside and enjoy the days.

The following is a recipe from The Portable Feast it is a super easy Paté that people will think you bought from some fancy Charchuteris store. Serve on a piece of dark rye bread or with crackers along with your favorite red wine.

The Portable Feasts Quick Pate Recipe