Restaurant Review: Lucky House Chinese Restaurant

restaurant review

My first full-fledged Restaurant Review I told you they would come when the urge struck. Well, it’s striking. Lucky House is a Chinese restaurant in Westerville, Ohio, where I currently call home. But all Chinese food for me is leveled against the place I grew up with.

I do not know the name of that Chinese place. It was in Maplewood, Minnesota. Somewhere on White Bear Avenue near the dollar movie theater and an old Shoppers City. I can still taste their chow mein; it was amazing. Or maybe it was crap, but I just loved the taste of it. Either way, I am constantly looking for something close in taste.

You are probably waiting for me to tell you that I have found that chow mein at Lucky House. Nope, I have not. But Lucky House is so good I kind have stopped looking.

This is your typical Americanized Chinese food. Bright pink sweet and sour sauce. Packets of soy sauce and hot mustard every meal ends with a fortune cookie. Even the spicy stuff here is not too spicy. You can get General Tso’s Chicken and Moo Goo Gai Pan. Sweet and Sour anything. I did not grow up here in Westerville, so I do not know the whole history of Lucky House, but its legend precedes itself, and it appears to have been around since the inception of time.

Start with egg rolls or crab rangoon; we all know what those are. But if you want something really awesome get the chicken lettuce wraps or the shrimp toast. Also, both of their wings, sweet or salt and pepper, are better than 95% of the wings served at actual wing places in town, and they don’t come with a side of sports and toxic masculinity.

Appetizer Spread

You should not have Chinese food without a little cup of soup. I love the hot and sour soup here. They are so close to my house that I sometimes order 3 or 4 servings when I have a cold. It makes me feel warm and cozy and clears up the stuffy nose!

My personal favorite Entrees are Bon-Bon Garlic Noodles with beef or the Orange Chicken. They are exactly what you expect but filled with flavor served hot and wonderful.

If you are a family, you can not go wrong with the Family Dinner deal. It is enough food to feed a large pack of hungry humans. They also have a substantial buffet on Sunday during the day, but with Covid still an issue, I would call and check before I assumed that was still a thing.

I have a Sunday night ritual where I switch off weeks. One week I get an appetizer spread and watch a movie or show I have wanted to catch. The next Sunday, I order dinner and a cup of soup and read a book while eating. It’s my finish out the week relaxing meal.

So here is the official Tripping Vittles Rating System. It is a 1-4 scale. 1-worst 4-best.

  1. So Nasty
  2. Dang that is Pretty Good
  3. Fuckin Great
  4. Holy Crap ya Can’t Beat That

Drum roll, please……….

If you want to try Lucky House click here

Lucky House gets a review of 2 Dang that is Pretty Good.