The Best Candied Almonds

Is it possible to fall into the best snack ever invented? A few years ago, when Cabela’s Opened up very close to where I live, I felt the need to check it out. I thought I had found The Best Candied Almonds at the little display at check out.

I was correct until I attempted to make my version of their candied Almonds and well. I am giving them a run for their money. I will always have to visit Cabelas for cool outdoor stuff, but…… I will no longer buy their candied almonds when I can make my own anytime I want!

The Best Candied Almonds Recipe

There are a few items you will need for this recipe. You can click the links next to the photos if you need any of the following. I will add you can use many kinds of cookie sheets and bowls to mix with; you don’t have to buy the ones listed. The odds are if you have some, they are fine, but…Buy the baking mats because you do not want to clean up this sugar mess! Just Trust me!

Those three items are essential for making this recipe. Tripping Vittles Amazon Shop Is where you can find all the other items I used to create this recipe.