Trader Joe’s Five Ingredient Salad Recipe

Trader Joe's five ingredient Salad recipe

A simple recipe for a salad that goes with everything. This Trader Joe’s five ingredient salad recipe is so easy yet tasty and full of flavor. I usually make the salad after a trip to TJ’s when I buy all the fixings. I like Trader Joe’s products for their taste and their price. This salad is cheaper to make when you purchase the ingredients at Trader Joe’s. But if you are not near a TJ’S just grab these ingredients from your local grocery.

It is a jar or can of each item. There is no additional seasoning, and the only addition I have made is if I have any hard Italian salami, I will cube or slice and add that to the mixture; more often than not, I make it without the salami.

Trader Joe’s Five Ingredient Salad Recipe

Salad Recipe
Trader Joe’s Five Ingredient Salad Recipe

How to Serve

Serve this as a salad side-dish or add protein for an entree salad.

  • Steak
  • Fried Chicken
  • Sandwiches
  • Salmon
  • Burger

I make this the day before I plan to serve it because the flavors only get better the longer they marinate.

This is also one of my go to camping salads. It goes great with almost anything you cook on the campfire. There ingrediants won’t kill you are send you to the out house in the middle of the night. It gets better the longer it sits. Make it before you leave and you can serve over the weekend.

Some of my Favorite things

The following links take you to my favorite kitchen items I used while making the dish. All-Clad Stainless mixing bowls. Yes, pricy but they are the only three mixing bowls you will even need unless making food for 100 people. I have owned mine going on for 20 + years and they are like brand new! I use them every day in the kitchen

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