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I have come to treat this blog a bit like therapy and a bit like a platform to hash out what I am doing with my life in and around my business, now businesses. Things in life change. I think we oftentimes don’t like to admit we make mistakes or misjudgments. Maybe nothing in life is a mistake just a chance to learn and do better and sometimes not even do better. Tripping Vittles is Life. It is my place to succeed but to also fail.

I think it is super important to talk about why we do things and not be ashamed of where we are in our journey. I am referring to mental health and how it affects us.

These last nearly two years have been incredibly hard particularly mentally Covid has changed and flipped upside down nearly everything in my life and as of today, I have never even had the actual virus, but I have experienced a wide array of effects from the virus.

I am not here to call anyone out or embarrass anyone. but this huge event in all our lives has changed every single facet of my life. Did it start before covid? sure. I do not think you can discount how our former president turned this country upside down. I do not think you can not acknowledge the incredible tipping point the death of George Floyd had. But I am not sure either of those two things would have had the same impact if it had not been for Covid.

Its not really the jobs its my heart

My jobs changed. the root of that change is me but there were so many things that caused me to walk away from not one but two jobs. Was it about pay? How I was treated? The way customers acted? The behavior of people I had known for years acted? How scary it was to go to work day in and day out. How people who were not there would tell me I had no reason to be scared. As if somehow they knew what it was like. How seeing people get sick and some die affected me. So many forget I have been through a pandemic before and have watched friends die too many friends I did not want to see that again. How the only place I felt safe and in control was working by myself.

It finally felt like this was all getting under control. That I could deal with what had happened and move on. Then the reality strikes that this is like all cases of flu. There are deadlier and more fast-moving variants and we are in the early stages of something we will have to more than likely protect ourselves from again and again just like other cases of flu. Sadly until more of us have had it and or get the vaccine to mitigate symptoms many more of us will get sick and some will die.

People Confuse me I like my dog who I get vaccinated yearly

I will not tell you I understand a single soul who is not on board with masking up and getting the vaccine. Trying to understand the leap people are making about freedoms is difficult. Hell, we do things every day that are set forth by the government. There are about a million other ways the government interferes in our lives. Until this moment in time Vaccines were good. Polio, shingles, smallpox, Hepatitis A and B, HPV, Measles, mumps and rubella, tetanus, chickenpox, and the flu.

So yes we slipped backward. I know of someone in the burial business and yes there are shortages of caskets. Yes, they do have backlogs at some mortuaries and yes some hospitals are overrun. Is it all no? Are there things that have had to be done to keep hospitals profitable during a time when they can not do procedures that make them money(layoffs)? yep! This is where I could tell you this is exactly why we need to take the profit out of healthcare and give everyone universal care but some of you are not ready to make that link yet.

You are I am sure at this stage like hey Lauri this is a food/travel blog what the hell. You may be right. But this is also a blog about me and how I see the human condition and if I feel a certain way others probably do too.

Yep I started a second business

I decided in truth to run away to Mexico. It was really easy to make that choice. I have friends that live in Baja the price is right to rent a place. It was outside of Ohio. That was all very easy. the harder part is I made this choice months ago and I have now seen my business grow and I started a second business. Women Have Had Enough . Started as a place to share memes and it has become a passion project just like Tripping Vittles but in another part of my life. The feminist woman empowering helping people part of my life. It is also bringing out other artistic and interesting sides to me I did not know were there.

I am not ready to leave all that for 84 days. I also found a job that I really love. it is part-time and it could lead to full time and it would be the first time in my life I would be working full time with benefits if it goes that way. It is also a job that allows me lots of free time. Time to travel and explore the world. I am so very excited about what this could lead to.

A Thank You

I have to also shout out to some people in my life who have encouraged me and supported me. Who has seen me struggle and have helped me find my way. There have been family and friends who have seen my struggles and allowed me to work through them and be honest about how I am feeling without telling me my dreams are stupid or I need to just buck up. These people are my band of women warriors. They too have struggles and yet all of us seem to be making changes that are going to propel us to amazing adventuresome futures.

Where to find me

So on that note keep on Tripping and watch as I develop first as a human being and secondly as a business owner. I would love for you to follow all my adventures so click the links and hit like or follow.

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