Tripping Vittles says Thank You

Tripping Vittles says Thank You

Tripping Vittles Says Thank You. This blog  is a dream I have had for many years, maybe for almost my entire life. I am sure my passion for food and drink started before I was born. This was the invite to my baby shower drinks and fun were on the menu.

Baby Shower Invite

Developing a Palette

I know my palette was developed as a small baby my mother made homemade baby food. My first Thank You goes to MOM!! I was blessed to have someone so talented with food be my mother from what I am told I enjoyed it immensely.

As a Kid I did not always appreciate My mothers amazing ability to cook when for goodness sake she cooked stuff from a garden and not a box. I remember being so jealous as a kid of the neighbors who got Kraft Mac and Cheese. We poor children had to settle for the real thing cooked with cheese and cream and macaroni from a green box not a blue one. Now as an adult I see how lucky I was and I am grateful for all the things I thought were awful at the time because they shaped how I look at and appreciate food now! A baked potato with a few chives from the garden elevates said potato to another level. I had no concept of that as a child.  I was just bummed out when I was handed the scissors and told to go cut chives.

Lunch Lady Lou

To Lou the lunch lady at Hazelwood Elementary School she is the first person that introduced me to a real kitchen. There were big ovens and Bain Marie’s for soup and the sound of stainless steel pans and an industrial dishwasher. I could have spent my entire childhood in that kitchen. I would have worked there had they allowed 3rd graders to serve food and clean dishes.

Mom & Dad

To my Dad and Mom you were the most amazing parents you took us all over as kids and we always ate at amazing restaurants. I remember one on the side of a mountain somewhere out west that had a salad bar in mine cars. You always let us order what we wanted and always encouraged us to try new things. Artichoke as a 11 or 12-year-old dipped in mayo and butter was divine.

In addition to dining out when we went camping or skiing you made it special. Escargot with garlic butter and french bread on a mountain top looking at the Grand Tetons. Paté and Cheese on the side of a ski slope. Mom passed on recipes from her mother and Dad taught me how important ice is to a fine cocktail. Thankful Grateful and Blessed do not even begin to express how I feel about all you have given me.

Older Cousins are Special

To My cousin Karen who is older by a few years,  she went to Vocational School and became a cook she would wear her whites and I remember being so jealous she was old enough to have job and an education in food. I wanted that I did not know how or what I wanted but I knew I wanted to do something with food. She made it seem real and that was so important for me.

The More Jobs the Better in this Business

To all the places I have worked over the years way too many to name but each and every one of those places gave me something towards today and all of them have fed my passion to learn and experience more about food, drink and travel.

Love for New Orleans

Tripping Vittles Says Thank You

To the city of New Orleans you sucked me in shortly after I found out my dad was dying of cancer. You fed and nourished my soul with food, drink and music when some weeks were too dark to face you were my escape. I feel I knew you from another time and place but at this time you were light and life from the musty smell of your streets to the sweet salty taste of your oysters. The  pounding beat of your music forced the blood to run thru my veins and later after the dark past as time marched on you educated me about the delights of southern and creole and Cajun foods. I learned about second lines and what a great horn section can give music. I experienced and saw a culture I knew nothing about and saw how food can unite instead of divide.

Boston a Different Kind of Love

To the city of Boston another town that has a whole food culture all their own.The place where a nation was born a town that is so so Strong  that after tragedy Boston Strong became part of our national lexicon. My experiences in Boston changed me dramatically and the fact it was a tragedy and people died made it very hard to come to terms that it was one of the better things to ever happen to me for it made me face my mortality and what happiness means. I  asked myself questions that led me to where I am today.  Writing my first post in my life long adventure of food ,drinks , music and adventure. Doing what I love with purpose and passion, without Boston I would have never taken the steps to get here today!!

To all I Love

To my family and friends you have seen the best and worst of me. You have invited me to dine at your tables and drink your drinks. You have followed all my whims and fantasies, Those I love have tasted my food and drinks even the bad ones!! Lovingly You have let me cry on your shoulder and you have danced with me in celebration. You have listened to my silly dreams and fantasies. Your ability to  prop me up when I have failed has not gone unnoticed.  You have been on this Journey with me and for that I am so Thankful. I am Grateful that you continue to support me and I am Blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

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