Tripping with Mom

I have to first apologize for the lack of posts these past two weeks. I have been preparing for a special visitor.

My mom is coming to live with me for a month or two so she can further recover from the surgery she had in the fall. This will be a time for her to use all the great facilities I have here that she does not have in her small town. I am excited for her trip for a few reasons. The first being she is my mom and we do not live very close to each other and to spend some quality time together is going to be awesome!!

The second is I owe her some nursing care. Some 29 years ago she had the patience and love to nurse me thru 2 extensive rebuilds on my knees. She was patient with me when I wanted to read all her homemade cook books while laying in bed for months.

Lat Remaining Homemade Cookbook

She did not kill me when I decided to edit all of those cookbooks by removing anything with bacon or fat in them. You see my dad had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and In the morphine induced fog I was in I somehow thought cutting the word bacon or fat out of the recipe with a scissors would somehow help my dad and his cholesterol issue…. It did not… I also thought to rearrange the recipes with scotch tape and a creative layout would make them easier to read….It did not…. My medical chart now says I should not be given Morphine.

The third and most exciting for you my readers is my mom is the person that filled my with my love of food. She started when I was young by letting the kitchen be my play ground.

Learning to love the kitchen and food

I was never scolded for things I did in the kitchen even when it was bad. Like the time my neighbor Heidi and I tried to make peanut butter bars. We used all the ingredients except powdered sugar. It ended up being a running mess of liquid peanut butter and melted chocolate. No yelling just a lesson about reading recipes better and getting your ingredients ready ahead of time.

As Kids she and my Dad took my sister and I  to restaurants on top of mountains in Montana for steak. We ate board parties(Charcuterie & Cheese) on frozen lakes. We went to Booya cookouts each fall. We ate Escargot next to a fire pit while camping. Food was an adventure as was life. Miller time was a must after a day in the yard and all champagne should have a frozen strawberry in the bottom of the glass. Your cocktail should be full of ice before it was filled with anything else!! These are a few of the may things I learned from my parents about food and life.

This week mom and I start another adventure getting her healed so we can go tripping together many more times. I have some places here in Ohio I would like to take her if she is up for it.I am also hoping she will help me recreate some old recipes from my grandmothers recipe box along with some fun things from old cook books. I hope to share these adventures with you. Now I am off to put the finishing touches on my house  so I am ready for her arrival.

Keep on Tripping!!