Welcome to the New Tripping Vittles Page

I have taken on a lot of new things in the last month. I am sticking with some old tried and true things in my life and on Tripping Vittles. That said Welcome to the new Tripping Vittles page.

Tripping Vittles has so many people to thank for all the encouragement, help and pushing. I won’t list them all here because some think they have done nothing and they were vitally important to this process. At the end of the day, it was a village that has gotten me this far. I beleive the village will continue to move me forward.

What to expect going forward from the new Tripping Vittles. At least a blog post a week. I am aiming for Wednesdays, but we will see if I can stay or grow those posts in the next few months. My goal is to post Monday, Wednesday, Friday eventually.

Old Standards New favorites

The immediate news is that If you are in Central Ohio starting May 18th, You will find me Saturday Mornings until October 12th at the Westerville Saturday Farmers Market. There are some fantastic vendors there, and I have already partnered with a few to bring you more ideas and variety of uses for Tripping Vittles Spice Blends.

You will see some shorter posts with recommendations. Some simple, quick recipes. Longer stories about my life and travels. I will reflect on the world around us using Food, Travel, Life, and Music as the muse for my creativity

Thanks for your continued support and traveling this road with me. Let’s continue to Tripping Vittles.