Air-fryer Chicken Wings as good as they say?

Let’s be honest making chicken wings at home sucks!  

Let’s all admit it there are somethings we just don’t want to make at home. Number one on my list is chicken wings. They are messy, the house smells like grease for days. Only thing worse is cooking fish!


I have read more then once that these appliances are as great as the invention of the wheel, but I have been told by many that own them they got it as a gift and have never taken it our of the box……Drum roll….. I have one it was a gift it has never been taken out of the box!!

My mom was kind enough to bring me one of these on her last trip to town. We had great plans we would make things in it while she was here visiting.  We had great intentions  and yet it never came out of the box.

Chicken Wings

chicken wings

If I have a hankering for a chicken wing I go out. There are 1001 different places to get a decent all the way too OMG!  those were some awesome chicken wings.

That said there have been more times than I can count I slide by the frozen wing bags at Costco and think Holy Macaroni(yes I say Holy Macaroni don’t judge) that ten pound bag of wings would cost me less than a cocktail and a side of ranch at the local chicken wing hang out.

Holy Macaroni

I was at Costco recently and broke down and bought me a big ol bag of chicken wings! Today I broke out that Air-Fryer to see what all the fuss has been about.

Well slap me silly and call me Susan! This is everything you have ever wanted to make chicken wings at home. East clean up, no disgusting smells, fast and the mess is minimal unless you choose to make a sauce or two.

Just say  No to Buffalo Sauce

We have all had it, we know we like it , its time to try a few different flavors. They can still be spicy just a different kind of spice.

For a garlic spice flavor try the Sriracha Sauce  from my shrimp cocktail Super Bowl party. It works on wings as well as it does on shrimp.

Todays wings use Gochujang A wonderfully spicy Korean hot pepper paste. There are many uses for this condiment but one of my favorites is mixing with mayo and putting on a roast beef sandwich and instead of lettuce use thin sliced cucumbers.  I digress back to chicken wings.

My advice before the recipe

If you have any intention of making chicken wings at home buy one of these things.  I have shared the above link to the large family size Air-fryer or get the smaller Air-fryer for 1-2 people.

You can find all the options for todays post along with my past recommendations on my Amazon List of Influence It is one of the ways I am trying to earn a living by blogging.

Now on to the recipe. …

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