Cinco De Mayo or What I like to call just another day to have a Margarita

Cinco de Mayo a great time to drink a margarita along with the other 364 days of the year. As there are at least that many variations of tequila to try.

There are some simple things I always have available for my margaritas. The following are my favorite items to use when making a margarita. The fancy glasses are fun for a get together but for every day margarita drinking I use a rocks glass.

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Fresh Limeade

I always start with a fresh limeade. It makes a better base than a store-bought mix. If you are in a pinch most stores carry Simply Limeade or they have some lime juice you can buy but Fresh is always best.

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Now I have a preference of Gran Gala as my preferred orange liquor. There are others out there so use what you like. I urge you to try them all.

I love tequila. I love to try all kinds of tequila. For this simple recipe I favor the ones that are golden in color often labeled Resposado. But hey try any kind you like. That’s the beauty of a margarita you can make it yours.

*** side bar the clear white tequila mixed with fruit purée and ice are often quite enjoyable on a hot summers day****

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Happy Cinco de Mayo Y’all